A better Republic? If you could start over how would you make voters more Responsible when electing candidates

Maybe you could make it just land owners–or Married people.
Or Maybe Military votes count TWICE Or if you work for the Government–you can’t vote at all, or something along those lines.–Maybe you could buy votes like stocks–Granted billionaires would be able to buy more votes –but that the goal is to make those that vote be informed about their candidates and care about their country. We could start auctioning votes at the beginning of a campaign season everybody would be issued 1 TICKET to VOTE and then They could auction them on EBAY for a PRICE if they wanted to right up until the Day of the election. The point is to make THOSE that care the most about the country –actually have a bigger say in the PROCESS–Those that don’t can sell their tickets. IN a close election you could get a lot for your ticket–But your ticket could sway the outcome too—So you might not want to sale it.

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  1. melissa Says:

    You cant be serious.

    So, "freedom for all", does that mean anyone who has different views other then your own should not be allowed to vote? Wouldnt that kind of make your screenname ironic?

    P.S. check out the establishment cause of the first amendment, to comment that you feel that separation of church and state are not in the constitution http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Establishment_Clause_of_the_First_Amendment

  2. Freedom for All Says:

    I think the best solution is to make people pass a test before voting. Basic stuff like how the government works, simple math, and economics. Anybody that thinks there are 54 states, or 5 branches of government, or can’t name the first president should NOT be allowed to vote. Anybody that thinks the words "separation of church and state", or "equal outcome" appear anywhere in the Constitution should not be allowed to vote. Anybody that thinks raising the minimum wage is good for the economy should not be allowed to vote.
    Ignorance is rampant in our nation, and the ignorant should not be allowed to vote for things that effect the lives of the informed.

  3. Lucky B Says:

    Start over Kejjer? How about requiring a majority?

    Too many elections have been "stolen" by backing a twin of the opponent in the general election to split the vote and then ‘win’ with less than half the vote!

    Think of the very first to enlist in the militia. Look at Mel Gibson’s movie, The Patriot. How many landowners voted everyone else into war? And then set up a government that excluded many of the fighters from voting!

    Can you guess who I am talking about?

    Kejjer, let’s make this a serious forum. Everyone will mark it with a star, and you extend it to allow more people to put serious ideas forward. Your questions have a way of getting quick answers. What would you propose if you were in the Constitutional Convention? Suppose nobody, not even you, thought of the two extra Electoral College votes for each state. What would you propose instead?

    If you wanted to eliminate the two extra Electoral College votes today, but leave the Electoral College itself intact, what would you propose? The thirteen states whose EC votes are doubled or tripled by the present setup will not give it up without, oh let’s say, coaxing. So, what would they give it up for?

    We cannot take them off cold turkey, how about making it one extra vote for the next five elections and then just by representation? Or start it in 2020? That way the first time that the EC is only as big as the House of Representatives in 2040.

    If you want to respond to this question:
    How would you eliminate the +2 votes for each state in the Electoral College?
    Click link in source below. Thank you for participating in our experiment in democracy.

  4. Metoo Says:

    they have to pass a test about information on each of the candidates so we know they aren’t just voting for the best looking one…and we know that they actually did their homework and read about the issues of ALL the major candidates before blindly selecting just one (if they can’t read, they can take an oral version of the test)

  5. Belle Says:

    All should be responsible and vote. Part of the problem is malaise, and ignorance. Should we be mandated to vote? After all it is your constitutional right, use it. Living in a free society does not mean one becomes lackadaisical. Self-responsibility, for yourself, your family, and your country require one to continually keep themselves educated on everything that is going on in our society; the good, the bad and the ugly. Bottom line, buying votes, not a good idea; encourage our family and friends to take the initiative to keep abreast of current events; good idea.