A cool riddle, get out your pen & paper?

You are a landscaper. Your job is to plant 10 trees for a land owner. The owners requrements are that the trees be planted in 5 straight rows with 4 in each row. How will you do this?

There really is a right answer.
Yes there really is a right answer. Hint: the rows can intersect (ya think)

2 Responses to “A cool riddle, get out your pen & paper?”

  1. nutty*eunice Says:

    I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i realli took out my pen and paper..
    first draw a star.. then at each intersection and sharp point of the star draw a small exterisk(to represent a tree)
    from the diagram u will get the answer!!!!

    by drawing the star u will have already drawn 5 straight lines. this will be the 5 straight rows. then by adding a tree to each intersection on the star(meaning everytime the lines on the star intersect) you would have planted 5 trees. then the other 5 trees goes to the ‘sharp end points'(a star has 5 sharp points).

    this way the trees will be planted in 5 rows and have 4 in each row!!! correct???!!!

  2. KousukeAsazuki Says:

    You’re sure this is possible?