A husband purchased a land and had it titled to his name and his daughter’s.?

Naturally, the father and daughter were co-owners. Later on, the husband died. What are rights of the wife? Can she inherit a portion of the said property? If so, can she donate whatever she may have inherited?
What laws shall govern?

3 Responses to “A husband purchased a land and had it titled to his name and his daughter’s.?”

  1. laughter_every_day Says:

    It will turn on two questions: how the two people held title and whether the issue is to be decided on community property laws. As you didn’t mention the answer to either, any answer you get will be worthless.

  2. Techat T Says:

    These laws vary from state to state. The specific circumstances of the case are also often a factor. Best advice is to consult an Attorney. Often an initial consultation will be free. You may have inherited the Father’s share. If there was no written Will, the property settlement will most likely go to Probate Court.

  3. Mr Placid Says:

    Depends largely on how the land was titled.

    If its titled as "tenants in common," then the father’s portion transfers according to what’s specified in his will, or the intestate probate laws of the particular state.

    If "joint tenancy," sometimes referred to as "joint tenancy with rights to survivorship," the property passes to the surviving co-owner.

    Take the deeds to an attorney for more information.