A question for all … what would you do in this situation (it’s a bit long)?

Here’s the case: there’s this old Muslim lady (Fata Orlovic, you can google her case, I’m not making this up) who was forced more than a decade ago to leave her home and all of her property because of the war (I’m from Bosnia). Anyway, she sought refuge somehwere else and when the war ended she came back to her village, to live on her family estate where she was born and where she grew up. And what does she find there? A church built in her courtyard, only a few yards away from her house. She is the legal owner of that land and naturally she wants her property back. And she wants the authorities to remove the church from her estate. Even though it’s certainly wrong and illegal to build something on someone else’s property, I have to admit that during times of war just about anything is possible and justified. Serbs, at the time they were building it, probably thought that they will win the war and that she would never come back there again. I know it’s a weak excuse, but I’m trying to see things from their perspective as well.

Anyway, she won the case in court, but the officials of the Orthodox Church refuse to remove it till they raise the funds for that. And they’ve been raising those for the past 9 years. Nine years, this lady has been waking up everyday to witness the obvious violation of her basic human rights. The authorities are messed up here, and other than lame promises of doing something, noone really acts. She has no children as far as I know and she’s very old, so I guess they’re waiting for her to die and to hush things up. She was even offered a few millions of Euros for that piece of land, but she refused the money even though it’s by far more than the worth of the land.

My question is, were you in a similar situation, would you except that enormous sum of money or would you continue fighting the battle?
Happy Human, no I’m not in this situation, but if I were I’d take the money and if my religion really mattered to me that much, then I’d build a mosque out of that money. Since it doesn’t, I’d probably donate some of it to an orphanage and keep the rest for myself.

And to you, pjk-something, I gave you a thumb up, but that’s just ridiculous. God wanted His word to be spoken there? No, He didn’t. People built it. Bad people to top it all.

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  1. Ũniνέгsäl Рдnтs™ Says:

    I think she should go to court and get a deadline set, or it’s torn down. I wouldn’t want it on my property either, and I’m not a Muslim…

    A key issue here, is that they have the money to buy the land, but not move the church?

    She’s choosen to take a stand, and I support her. I hope she’s designed her estate to continue the fight if she dies…

  2. tenaciousd Says:

    I’d take the money. She obviously would not want to live next door to the church so she should find herself a better place to live.

  3. Lutukor Says:

    I’d give them whatever I could just so those damn kids can stop praying on my damn lawn.

    But seriously, that’s messed up. I’d keep fighting. Faith in money doesn’t lead you very far.

  4. CorruptedSpirit,VT, AM Associate Says:

    I’d take the payout……that’s the problem with the highly religious types….too provincial

  5. the waterbourne AM Says:

    I’d take the money and use it to buy a bulldozer that I’d drive through the church…problem solved.

  6. Gary Oster Says:

    Let’s see. I’m old. Alone. Returned to the family estate I had to leave in time of war. Offered a small fortune and more than the property is worth…

    That’s a tough one, as that estate would be all I have and know.

    At my age, I think I might sell. But, then again, I might just hire a wrecking crew and landscape company.

  7. The_Cricket: Shmily Says:

    I’d keep fighting. No amount of money would make up for having to leave the place where I was born and grew up, especially if the property had been in my family for several generations.

    A hundred and forty years ago, my ancestors on my father’s side lost the property that had belonged to them for almost two hundred years. The house that my seventh great-grandfather built is long gone. The property probably now has a bunch of low-income houses on it, or has turned into an apartment complex, or a suburb… but don’t think for a moment that we don’t still grieve for it. My dad grew up a few miles from where it used to be, and he grew up hearing all about it, and he passed the story on to us kids.

    When a person loses almost everything in a war, or anything else out of their control (such as a fire, an earthquake, a hurricane, a tornado) they cling to what little is left. Who can blame them?

  8. Happy Human Says:

    were you in a similar situation?No

    would you except that enormous sum of money or would you continue fighting the battle?I’ll take the money , life is too short ,enjoy it while you can .

  9. pjkondorpoduszlo Says:

    I’m afraid I’ll have to take a different position than most would.

    If it was a factory or a store or a brothel on that was built on her property; I’d protest and fight it all the way. But a church doing God’s work? Seriously, if that’s not a sign from God that she should enter into it; I don’t know what is. I’m not trying to favor one religion over another; but how can it not be a sign of God’s will? It is wise to listen to what other preachers have to say. And even if she’s so closed to entering any other place of worship that isn’t her own religion; AT LEAST let them worship. They both worship the same God, after all. I don’t think she would protest as much if it were a Muslim mosque.

    I see here believe it or not one more opportunity that the human race won’t take. In a utopian world; she could even offer to let them stay if they would let her help run the church; implement the best elements of Islam into the church; and in turn Christians could share the best elements of Christianity with her. This small step would help us lead towards the more unified state that God wants us to be in. But I know; it will never happen. Yes I know; I’m presenting a fantasy land scenario. But one that should be done nonetheless.

  10. !MOVE! Says:

    uhhhhh… you’re lucky you’re one of my contacts or else i wouldn’t read it.

    i would take the money. always looking to upgrade. i would ask for double or triple then take the money

  11. USA Is An Atheist Nation Says:

    My nephew probably wishes he’d punched more than that one Serbian soldier.

  12. Soulful Kris Says:

    A gallon of gas and a match will take care of her problems.

  13. Lime Kitty [Atheati Emperor] Says:

    If I was her I’d take the few million Euro for just the land the church is sitting on, then build a mosque as close as legally possible to the church.