ABORIGINALL australian questionn!!?

is it right for the indigenous people consider themselves as the first landowners of australia ?

why are indegenous ppl the land owners of australia?

thank you for anyone thats answers this :))

2 Responses to “ABORIGINALL australian questionn!!?”

  1. Atalanta Says:

    Of course the Aboriginal people are the true owners of Australia, and should be allowed to call themselves so.
    The Aboriginal’s had lived in Australia for is what we believe, over 40,000 years, before the British First Fleet landed in botany bay on the 26th Jan 1787.
    When they arrived, they saw that there were other people already on this land, that they were black, and did’nt speak the same language. The British didnt even bother trying to negotiate with the aboriginals, they simply declared the land "Terra Nulius" ( no man’s land), and took over Australia for there own.
    I live in Australia, and have done my whole life, and there isnt a day go by where I don’t think about what would have happened if the british had been nicer the the Aboriginals – they were kept as slaves, and didn’t even have the same rights as prisoners of war. They couldn’t own land, despite the fact it was the land they had lived on for 40,000 years, and they could’nt be employed or own farm.
    Without fail, we took their land and claimed it for our own.

  2. Bill P Says:

    Originally they didn’t see themselves as landowners. The land was there for all to use and to share, not to own.