About these american guys who wear Che Guevara T-Shirts?

Well, I´m sorry because my english is not very well.

I want to talk about a lot american guys who live here in Barcelona, and they are Che Guevara fans and they are Fidel Castro supporters.

All of them also are people who radically (very radically) defend rights of homosexuals, the working class, feminism, and this type of case.

It surprises me very much. I don´t understand it.

Che Guevara and Fidel Castro stopped and brought to concentration camps many gay Cubans because they were gays, with the aim to "rehabilitate them", between 1965 and 1968. They were officially listed as "asocial parasites" and they suffered forced labor, prison, insults and humiliations about their sexual orientation. You can check it searching in google "Unidad Militar de Ayuda a la Producción" ("Military Unit to Aid Production" in english).

Currently in Cuba a homosexual can be charged with the crime described as "pre-criminal dangerousness"

On the other hand, Ernesto Guevara born into a wealthy family (really… very wealthy) from Argentina. His great-grandfather Patricio Lynch was the richest man in the american continent.

Celia Sánchez, (Fidel Castro bride and also and main leader of that revolt) came from a wealthy family too. Fidel Castro´s father also was a rich man (he became owner of 93 square kms of land) but when Fidel was just 8 years old his family suffered an economic crisis and as a child he had to go to work as a peasant, but the rest of them were rich people.

I´m very curious about the misinformation that exists in the U.S. on this story.

What things are explained in your country for many boys think so contradictorily?

12 Responses to “About these american guys who wear Che Guevara T-Shirts?”

  1. Draco Says:

    Leftists and Liberals seem to have a fondness for the "up" side of Che’, created by the new media over decades of erroneous and inaccurate reporting and stories. Che’s life developed it’s "own" life aw some hero of the people, the downtrodden and poor.
    Truth was far from this reality. The man was a psycopathic murderer, with a streak of cruelty.
    Bollywood, for decades raised this mans status almost into the mythical proportions, as a "hero". Heck, even Obama kept a poster of Che’ on his Chicago office wall until someone reminded him the guy was the epitome example of anarchism and socialism.
    Give them time and they will outgrow this "phase".

  2. Miss Nancy Says:

    Many Americans are misguided by people with a political agenda and history is not a strong suit for many Americans either.

  3. momo love you long time! Says:

    His face is in style. That’s why people wear them.

  4. Hmmm Says:

    It’s a stupid thing that kids do to try and fit in. Generally they don’t know anything about it.

  5. Perzia Shammas Says:

    I showed proof here that che was racist against blacks and liberals became APOPLECTIC with cognitive dissonance.

  6. cbob Says:

    They’re liberal left wing lunatics and they don’t have a clue.

  7. Polly Says:

    Soft weak over indulged americans are our biggest albatrose around tax payers necks!

  8. Analyticus Says:

    We don’t understand either. They are our dumbest. The dumbest of the dumb.

    Whenever I see some animal wearing a Che shirt, I play with it a little. It always runs off. Funny little things.

  9. Evil Goodness Says:

    Che’s image has been a fashion statement for a very long time. Most people don’t know who he was.

  10. Socky Says:

    Thank Fidel for that.

    After the revolution and after Che was dead, he turned Che into a cult of personality figure. A symbol and hero of the glorious revolution who was safely dead so he wouldn’t become an embarrassment later.

    So Fidel put posters and pictures of Che everywhere.

    Now the symbol has spread, and little American wannabe Commies can go to Hot Topic at the mall and buy Che Guevara blacklight posters and T-Shirts with their allowance money from Mommy and Daddy and proclaim how proudly Socialist they are.

    Most couldn’t even define Socialist let alone explain who Che Guevara actually was.

  11. ZonieGirl Says:

    Because those Americans are ignorant of what Che Guevara actually did and they think they are being trendy or cool. More misguided liberal Americans who jump on the band wagon of something they don’t really understand.

  12. spirit_of_tom_joad Says:

    Get ’em here http://www.che-lives.com/home/

    Good bio here http://www.google.com/search?q=che+guevara+a+revolutionary+life&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#q=che+guevara+a+revolutionary+life&hl=en&safe=off&client=firefox-a&hs=qFP&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&prmd=ivsb&source=univ&tbs=shop:1&tbo=u&ei=22TETLzqIsSqlAfRkaEI&sa=X&oi=product_result_group&ct=title&resnum=3&ved=0CEEQrQQwAg&fp=9a951961ff9ba31d