According to believers, what a fossil is and how petroleum was formed?

As an archaeologist I’m very interested to know what they are and why C14 lies to me all the time and if the U-Th method is also a lair, and if nature with dendrochronology is also designed by the devil, as well with the thermofotaugia and obsidian hydration?

Finally and not related with chronology, is the Alpha Counter on the lab evil too? since it must be covered with some dark fabric I’m now afraid for my soul.

7 Responses to “According to believers, what a fossil is and how petroleum was formed?”

  1. grayure Says:

    What kind of believer? Christian != creationist.

  2. Ross Says:

    Sometimes we use our intelligence arrogantly instead of to share our knowledge lovingly.

  3. jcsaves316 Says:

    LOL Apparently you went to some schools and spent a lot of time to learn what I learned on the first page of the bible. The bible was free. How much did you pay? I hope you understand that science ONLY verifies Genesis. Run on into your lab and do your little tests and then come back and tell me the origin of life. THEN you will have some intellectual ground to stand on. Psalm 14:1 God Bless

  4. P4£3$71N3 1N M¥ H34®7 No peace without Justice Says:

    you shouldn’t confuse all believers with young earth creationists

  5. Believe me... Says:

    Remember this, fossils do not reveal ancestors nor descendants.

  6. Symphony Says:

    Well, you can see the kind of blindfolds worn…

    All the best to you.

  7. prophet Says:

    It happened before the katabole.