Ahmadinejad is right in saying oil price hike is fake?

This is part of the plan of Bush administration and OPEC to invade IRAN .Building of nuclear for mass destruction of IRAN doesn’t work . World is not buying on this.This is another IRAQ story lies.

6 Responses to “Ahmadinejad is right in saying oil price hike is fake?”

  1. nick t Says:

    Oil was always there and for centuries was useless,By invention of cars and industrial revolution it became valuable by western countries it brought prosperity to those countries and by years of negligence and not having an energy strategy causes inflation and price rise in our country.
    So we have to stop blaming these undeveloped and third world countries and fix the economy.

  2. jingles Says:

    Ahmadinejad is an unstable personality, even people in his own country understand this. Unfortunately, Bush does not and will probably continue to give him excuses to spread propaganda against the US.

  3. steven e Says:

    of course he is right.it is us that is pushing up the price of oil.we cant do without it.bush will never go into Iran ,but you have to admit the middle-easterners have got us where they want us[oil].until we become less reliant on their stuff we will always be put in this situation.hence we will have to pay a high price.

  4. jesparza39 Says:

    Back when The propaganda machine used during the past years we believe in it but now as time has past and we found out the gov was telling us a big big story,Now the same story is just like those infomercial you know the one that are on T V ,how to grow hair,buy homes for Pennie on the dollar personally I like the adds that were run back when like. uncle SAM needs "you"

  5. Sahara Says:

    He’s an interesting character. His job is to take interest away from what the Iran government is actually doing, which may incidentally be nothing. Bush is a war mongering follower that is so blinded by his own stupidity. I’m so glad that Kucinich started the process to impeach him. It sends a strong message. It’s too bad that the media didn’t give it the coverage it really deserved. Kucinich is a brilliant man. He’s not wasting taxpayer dollars.

    I’m not sure what is going on with oil prices exactly. But it doesn’t seem completely by accident. It is no secret that the car companies and oil companies work together and have bought up patents to prevent competition from alternative fuel sources. Just think about it for a minute and you can maybe see why they would want to do this. It’s all about money after all. (more for me, less for you is the mentality!)

  6. sense Says:

    I just watched CNN’s international Channel(3pm EST), breaking the news that oil price spikes again. But the anchor and the reporter assert it is China’s diesel demand contributed to the hike.

    Waited a sec ! It is already THIRD time I am hearing CNN’s assertion of China’s diesel demand. The first time was about two weeks ago. What’s going on?

    Then, Israel’s-Iran-attack-drill news flashing back——-Which Was Just Happened This Morning ! That “unmistakable signal” is surely an act to have a consequence of oil supply disruption ! Why is it not reported as a oil spiking cause ? !

    Time to scapegoat China again before a major offensive ? To verify, I went to CNN web site , there it is :

    China hikes fuel prices http://money.cnn.com/2008/06/20/news/international/china_fuel.ap/index.htm

    China to raise energy prices

    But nowhere saying that Israel’s-Iran-attack-drill will unstablize the oil supply region, causing the oil price up.

    For Israelis Iran Strike Drill see