Allowing deep-water offshore oil drilling is in the best in terest of the United States?

Could you help me find some websites for these points?
* Most oil in the acean comes from seapage from the earth, not oil spills
*We need oil for plastic and many other products, not just for energy
*Green energy is still 15 to 20 years away.
*Expenses for alternative energy are too great, and the power output is too little.
*Expenses to maitain and install alternative energy
**The 70 batteries in an electrical vehicle are far worse to the environment than the emissions ever were. Also, the life of an electric car is shorter than that of a gas guzzler
*One spill out of the 50,000 well drilled in the Gulf of Mexico
*Offshore drilling is expected to bring in eighteen billion barrels total. We need eight billion barrels peryear. Drilling does not decrease American dependency on other countries.
*Offshore oel does not guarantee lower gas prices. Gas prices are affected by too many vairables.

Please I do not want your personal opinion on the topic. I need credible websites that states and explain these things!

Thanks! :)

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  1. J. Says:

    Use your search criteria, for finding specific phrases in your searches put them in quotes- this way you get more results of that specific phrase. Some can also handle the operator "AND" which brings up pages with those two items or more located within the page.

    "natural oil seeps" or
    Oil AND plastic AND "natural gas"

    Many of the things you are searching for are subjective and some are based on broad assesments that are published in things like the Wall Street journal, The New Yorker, etc.

    A number of your plastics are actually produced from natural gas and not petroleum. You can find this information out by going to the websites of the API American Petroleum Institute, APC American Plastics Council, etc. Many of these groups have pages with links- follow some. The trade journals are excellent sources too, like and others

    You might do well to look through a site like He has many good projects, he also has some links to some sites that are not so good. If you better understand the technologies themselves, you can point out where the problems exist between a subjective opinion or prediction and reality. There are a lot of people who do not understand technologies well enough because they do not understand their physics well enough, or their chemistry- and they end up sounding more like a slaesman than a truly knowledgable indivual.

    To use the web effectively you need to learn to follow links on pages that you initially found with your search engine. Here is a tip- use more than one search engine as some are better in topic areas than others. If you can find soe outside of the US, you will get more relevent hits too. So, when you go to, follow some of the manufacturers links, and take a look at their links pages, and so on and so forth. you will cover more ground that way than simply relying on one search engine to turn up everything.

    Now, some of the info you are looking for touches in areas where you can find much more information than you might want to know here: You can stop the page loading once you see the search box appear, and you can search that site and pull up articles that have many hotlinked pages within each article and often you can find the original mainstream article too.

  2. Elise Butler Says:

    We need to use some of nikola tesla ideas to get us off oil check out the video below it will blow your mind

  3. Breath on the Wind Says:

    In response to your only question, "Could you help me find some websites for these points?
    ", no, as you set up a criterion for a response that is logically impossible to fulfill.

    You have asked for no personal opinions. Isolated opinions may support various premises but then they would have to pass your second test and be "credible websites" What is "credible" is a matter of personal opinion and this then fails the first test. What is "credible" in an Alternative Fuel vehicles perspective may be different than from other perspectives. Would you ask us to spread lies? References are available upon request.

    Where did you get these talking points? More information may suggest a more tailored response. Several seem unrelated to the original premise like this one: "*Expenses to maitain [sic] and install alternative energy"

    Most will give no definite answer due to the highly subjective nature of the points (is synthetic or alternative oil "oil", what is "green energy," what is "alternative energy" what "expenses" are too great, "expected to bring" by whom) You say you don’t want "personal opinion" but the highly subjective nature of the points would essentially require that all responses are "opinions."

    Why would you ask such a "question" (if that is what it is) about offshore oil drilling in an Alternative Fuel Section? One might suppose you haven’t a clue or you did this intentionally. If it was intentional then you are asking a baiting question and not seriously interested in an answer. It is more like a rant or trolling. If you haven’t a clue I might suggest you try asking a somewhat simpler question with only one or two points in a section other than "Environment"… Perhaps "Economy" or "Politics."

    I hope you find what you need.

  4. Siemens vs. Alstom Says:

    Green energy is here now, people just are too stubborn to use it.
    Expenses for alternatives are not too great, neither is the power output too little.
    Expenses to maintain and install alternative energy are low.
    Batteries are recyclable indefinitely, so no, they are not bad for the environment.
    Life of an electric car is LONGER than an internal combustion engined car, due to few moving parts.

    So, so far no credible websites, and spell check.