American Domestic Oil Drilling….this a good idea?

I’m hearing that it would take years to set up the infrastructure and deliver enough oil to affect the supply enough to make the price of gasoline cheaper. Do you really think that American oil companies are going to invest in the infrastructure to drill and refine more oil here so that they can make less money?
Duh. So the affect it will have is that we’ll have gas fluctuate downward by 25 cents when the gas is being sold at 6.00 or higher? Are you kidding me?

Are we really focusing on putting another bandaid on a problem, when clearly steps can be taken by government to reduce the dependence on OIL in favor of a new cleaner technology like Hydrogen, or are we going to continue to bleed taxpayer dollars to develop a limited resource just like we did in the 70’s so that the problem will resurface again? At what point do we stop bandaiding the oil problem and spend some public funds on providing incentives for technology and resources having a prayer to succeed in long term?

11 Responses to “American Domestic Oil Drilling….this a good idea?”

  1. Joe S Says:

    More drilling is NOT a long term solution. The government and the oil companies have been sitting on their thumbs for the past 35 years when it comes to developing alternative energy sources.

  2. Michelle C Says:

    drill more I wan’t cheap gas to power my hummer dammit

  3. thinkin' out loud Says:

    I think it’s a Band-Aid, and that it’s irrelevant to the current situation.

  4. billiam Says:

    There needs to be a focus on both drilling now and alternative fuels. We can’t switch to any other fuel overnight so we need to drill now. It would take decades to change to an alternative fuel source. Drilling now would lessen our dependence until we make that change. Of course we could just keep the 4 dollar gas so the carribou in alaska won’t have ugly pipelines to look at. Those poor caribou.

  5. RedFred Says:

    Of course, drill. Silly not to use a resource if you have it. It doesn’t take taxpayer money you idiot. The companies pay the US money for the land leases.

  6. asteroid camper Says:

    Nothing can replace oil as a souce of fuel for transportation. As long as the economy is based on the movement of goods around the globe we will need oil to make it all happen.
    The solution is to declare oil trading as critical to our national security, and place tight regulations on the trading of oil futures.

  7. SHU!!! Says:

    Yes, they’re gonna invest to expand their business and wealth…And they’ll pass down the cost to the consumers due to inflation rates and other factors keep rising as time goes by…Demands for crude oil will always be high as other nations are advancing in technologies from around the world, they need to use more energies to keep up with demands…

    It is a lose – lose situation no matter how you look at it regarding prices of agriculture products and everything in between…

    Sad sad sad…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. wyldfyr Says:

    Even an oil company spokesman admits that offshore drilling is risky and takes at least six to eight years to produce.

  9. laura a Says:

    Drill while trying to figure out an alternative fuel source is the only logical solution.

  10. ohbrother Says:

    Alternative fuels and vehicles that use them are years away. We have our transportation industry, trucks, planes, trains and ships will use petroleum based fuels for years to come and our oil fired power plants, what do we do shut them down. For every 1000 Americans there are 746 vehicles. Not everyone will be able to buy a new car. There is very little that we use everyday that is not made from petroleum based plastics. As good as it sounds we cannot conserve our way out of this. Congress tells us we must reduce our dependency on foreign oil and the only way to do that is domestic oil of which we have plenty, but they do not want us to drill for our own. Why not, why do they not want America to start drilling so we can become oil independant. While new technologies are being developed we will need oil. It is still the cheapest form of energy. Hydrogen is great except it is many times more explosive than gas. I don’t relish the idea of riding around with a hydrogen bomb underneath me. It still takes oil to produce hydrogen.

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