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Song Option

Imagine you are a major recording artist during Reconstruction. Choose the plight of one of the groups you learned about in this lesson. Write a song that gives insight into their struggles, aspirations, and achievements.

1.You must use 4 of the key terms (people, places, or events) found in the lesson.

2.Your song must be at least 3 verses (not including repeats).

3.You must address social, political, and economic impacts of Reconstruction.
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Term Explanation
President Johnson’s Reconstruction Plan : In order for a former Confederate state to rejoin the Union each state had to meet certain requirements. Each state had to write a new state constitution, elect a new state government, repeal its act of secession, cancel war debts, and ratify the 13th Amendment. By the fall of 1865 all states met the President’s requirements.
Freedmen’s Bureau : The Freedmen’s Bureau was established before the war ended to provide food and medical care to former slaves in the South. The Bureau was also responsible for building schools for freed slaves. Although the Freedmen’s Bureau was intended to transition former slaves into a new life of freedom; these Americans still faced many obstacles.
The Black Codes : Black codes were laws instituted by Southern legislators beginning in 1865 to disable freedmen from exercising freedom. The codes were intended to prevent freedmen from becoming citizens, to keep freedmen working for planters, and to keep freedmen at the bottom of the social order in the South. Some examples of Black Codes include former slave children being refused education in white schools, not allowing freedmen to vote, and arresting freedmen who could not prove employment and assigning these individuals to plantations.
The 14th Amendment : The 14th Amendment (ratified in 1868) declared that former slaves were citizens who were not to be denied equal rights.
The Military Reconstruction Act : The Military Reconstruction Act of 1867 was passed over President Johnson’s veto. The purpose of this act was to end Southern state governments that continued to restrict the rights of freedmen. The plan divided the South into 5 military districts. Governments formed under Johnson’s reconstruction plan were declared illegal and replaced by new governments comprised of Southerners who were loyal to the United States.
Sharecropping: Sharecropping developed during Reconstruction because Freedmen wanted land and work and plantation owners needed workers. The plantation owners would rent pieces of land to freedmen for them to grow their own crops. Freedmen would in turn pay rent—sometimes in cash and sometimes with the crops harvested. Although at first this seemed a good solution for freedmen to become economically independent, it kept them in poverty as they never quite made enough to afford their own piece of land and to escape from the debt owed to plantation owner.
Carpetbaggers: A negative term used by Southerners to describe Northerners who moved south after the Civil War to gain political and financial status.
Scalawags: Southerners who supported the Confederacy were not allowed to vote. This created a voting class made up of freedmen, Southerners who had opposed secession and Northerners who had moved to the South after the Civil War. Most of these voters supported the Republican Party. Southern Democrats began to call white Southern Republicans “Scalawags.”
President Ulysses S. Grant: President Grant was a Republican elected in 1869. One promise he made during his campaign was to protect African Americans in the South. His Democratic opponent ran on the premise of ending Reconstruction and returning power to white Democrats. Grant won because of the nearly 500,000 votes he received from African Americans. Republicans realized that the Black vote became crucial to keeping the Republican party in power.
The 15th Amendment: The 15th Amendment declared that a citizen’s right to vote could not be denied “on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.” The right of the African American man to vote was now secured.
Reconstruction under Grant: During Grant’s presidency, Southern states registered many African American voters. Many Southern states wrote new state constitutions. This led to many African American men engaging in politics. About one-fifth of the South’s new legislators were African Americans. Many African Americans were elected to Congress. Progress became evident as the new taxes provided income for new schools and hospitals and infrastructure for improved transportation.

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  1. BSC Says:

    I was going to help you, but i didn’t feel like reading a whole book before i did. 😛

  2. jormungandr17 Says:

    You can research early country music, which had songs that dealt with the plight of poor workers, such as miners, to get some ideas. Maybe you can use it for one on sharecropping. Here’s an example:

    Sixteen Tons – Tennessee Ernie Ford—tennessee-ernie-ford-14930.html

  3. TJ Says:

    Seems to me you can just pretend you are someone who has lived through the civil war and write from their perspective.
    Pretend you were a slave who has run after slavery was freed and now wants to go find his family who had been sold off.
    Pretend you are a plantation owner who lost his land and slaves during the war and has to start over again
    Pretend you are a former confederate soldier who has joined the brand new KKK to terrorize newly freed slaves
    Pretend you are the a woman who lost a husband few sons to the confederate cause and whose slaves left and now has to face a life of not being pampered and figure out how to run a farm on her own.
    Pretend you are a free Black who made their way north only to be faced with a prejudice of a different kind