Answer 4 of the following 10 questions with responses of at least 200 words?

Answer 4 of the following 10 questions with responses of at least 200 words (each question is worth 4 points). Make sure that you number your responses with the corresponding number from below and answer the question asked, discussing the applicable law and its application to the situation described. Your final exam submission should be posted to your Individual Forum not later than Sunday (Day 6). Enjoy!

1. The city of Greenville enacted a city zoning ordinance to prohibit outdoor advertising display signs, including billboards. On-site signs at a business’s location were exempted from this rule. The city based the restriction on traffic safety and aesthetics. Roadside Media Enterprises, a company in the business of leasing commercial billboards to advertisers, sued the city of Greenville, alleging that the zoning ordinance is unconstitutional because it infringes on free speech rights. Is the ordinance unconstitutional?

2. List and discuss at least three differences between civil and criminal law and give an example of each.

3. What legal and ethical issues should a business consider when deciding whether or not to do business globally? How can you compare and contrast between ethical issues in the US and ethical issues in other countries?

4. Cody offered to sell certain land to Daniel for ,000, by a letter, which was signed by Cody. The letter specified that the deal was to be closed by November 1, 2008 and that the entire payment was to be in cash. Daniel accepted the offer by letter, but his letter stated that payment was to be made one-half at closing and one-half thirty days later. Cody never responded. Discuss in detail whether there is a valid contract between Cody and Daniel. Is there a contract?

5. What are the significant factors to consider in selecting the form of a business? List and explain at least three.

6 During the interview Gale had with Leslie Accounting Firm, Gale was asked whether she had any children, whether she planned to have any more children, to what church she belonged and what her husband did for a living. Are these questions illegal? Why or why not?

7 At the end of all her written communications, an employee writes, “have a blessed day.” One of employer’s most important clients requests that employee not do so, and employer asks employee to stop. Employee refuses, saying it is a part of her religion. If employee sues the employer for religious discrimination, then is she likely to win? Why or why not?

8. Sandy notices a dog tied to a chain behind a fence and recognizes it as belonging to an acquaintance who lives a couple of blocks away. Sandy goes to the acquaintance’s house and says, “Your dog is tied up in someone’s yard, and for 0 I will tell you where. The dog’s owner says, “No way! I can’t believe you won’t simply tell me where the dog is!” The dog’s owner drives around the neighborhood and finds the dog and retrieves it. The next day Sandy notices an advertisement in the paper where the owner offered a reward of 0 for information leading to the return of her dog. Discuss Sandy’s rights.

9. Bob is at the Boston Biceps Bodybuilding Club riding an exercise bike. Bob wants to change the station on the television which is mounted high on a nearby wall. He reaches for the remote control device, and finds that another member has accidentally taken the remote control and left behind a cellular phone. Bob drags the exercise bike over to the television. He stands on the seat of the exercise bike in order to reach the television, but the seatpost breaks and Bob falls to the floor. Bob is not

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