Are Conservatives For or Against Price Gouging in the Private Sector?

Examples of some of the essential products and services in question:
* Pharmaceuticals
* Medical Procedures
* Fuel such as Gasoline, Natural Gas and Electricity
* Printer Ink

8 Responses to “Are Conservatives For or Against Price Gouging in the Private Sector?”

  1. §§pecial Unicorn™ Says:

    Against, but it really doesn’t happen that often and those companies are left in the dust either by the consumer walking away or some regulation.

  2. Horse Head Says:

    No, no more than liberals are for thought control.

  3. Tripp Smith Says:

    As if I like paying $4 a gallon to get back and forth to work. And alot of those prices have gone up since your Messiah took office!!

  4. Stare Decisis Says:

    You look at the most heavily regulated industry: Health care, energy

    You look at the least regulated industry: Consumer electronics

    Which one has been getting expensive for people?

  5. Joe Says:

    0bama is gouging our kids’ future. So they’re against that.

    0bama doubled the price of gasoline. He’s gouging us to protect his rich donors and Arab friends.

  6. sociald Says:

    Im against price gouging. However I prefer the market take care of it whenever possible. i.e.. some business is gouging. dont buy from them buy from somewhere else and tell your friends they are gouging etc.. they will drop their prices or go out of business.
    If there is no competition for whatever reason then it should be looked at at dealt with appropriately

  7. Jim Rooks Says:

    since we define "price gouging" differently, I’m apparently for it. however, by MY definition, YOU are against a company making enough profit to stay in business, which might explain the "glut" of jobs

  8. kchess07 Says:

    A conservative would most definitely be against gouging. However, instances of gouging wouldn’t require multiple layers of governmental bureaucracy to investigate. Simple laws against gouging, fines, jail time, public denouncement, and boycotting of abuser’s businesses would sufficiently handle problems.