Are democrats waging a war on prosperity?

Why do democrats oppose oil and gas drilling in the U.S. when it would help the economy in multiple ways?

Why do democrats believe that government should punish the producers in society by taxing them while most democrats pay zero income tax?

Why do democrats want to keep spending the next generation’s money on today’s entitlement shortfalls?

9 Responses to “Are democrats waging a war on prosperity?”

  1. Honest Abe Says:

    No…. Of course not.

    Republicans are waging a CLASS WAR on the Middle Class.

    With the help of the Corporate Fascist —- (and American hating Foreigner) — Rupert Murdoch.

    And . . . now . . . YOU’RE HELPING HIM!!!

    God Bless America – and save her from America Hating Fascists!!!


  2. Yeah! Says:

    Intellectually inferior.

  3. swissmissled Says:

    The real atrocity in our nation right now is the burden on the lower middle class who are the backbone of our society. The rich and upper middle class will be fine but the lower middle class carries the highest tax percentage and rising prices hurt them the most. Give anyone making under 50K a year a huge stimulus check (at least a year’s salary) and watch the economy skyrocket and jobs come back.

  4. magick Says:

    War on prosperity ? Why are natural gas companies waging war on fresh water wells and the entire aquifer ?

  5. Lover of Facts Says:

    I never understood how libs actually feel that a society can prosper, grow and progress when they support everything they can to tax and spend its way out of an economical mess. Where do libs get that from from? It’s never worked, it’s always made it worse……just like now.

    Swiss miss…….sorry dear, but 50k to anyone is just going to pay back debt. That debt is in the banks and the lending industry. OBAMA AND THE DEMS HAD 3 MULTI BILLION SPENDING STIMULUS SHOTS……where did it get us? It will not and does not stimulate private sector job "growth". Look at the unemployment rates from a year ago – through the stimulus shots and – now.
    No change!!!

    Case fact to the point…….> This past holiday season said they had record sales. The best in years and to some national retailers, best in a decade……and all reported they did not expect it. RESULT: The few by national numbers unemployed who got a temp holiday job, are all gone now and the national unemployment is the same as where it was before the holidays. In fact, in my state CA, just released its unemployed numbers and it got worse – now up to 12.5% (+.3 higher ) than December.

    You see, stimulus shots do not work, we’ve got 30 or so million long term unemployed then, we have 30 million or so unemployed now.

  6. bmovies60 Says:

    "Are democrats waging a war on prosperity?"

    Oh come on. how can you take one look at the city of Detroit and ask that?

  7. David Says:

    Your spelling of democrats was incorrect,the proper spelling is republicans.

  8. John E Says:

    They are waging war on competition and innovation and success, therefore, they are fighting a war on prosperity.

  9. LordGodGoose Says:

    "Are democrats waging a war on prosperity?"

    Taken at face value, your question implies that under the Obama Administration you personally are faring worse than you did under the Bush Administration….which must have taken some VERY unfortunate or ill-informed actions on your part, given that overall the Dow Jones LOST 23.7% under Bush and has GAINED over 40% (so far) under Obama…