Are high oil prices an excuse to finally demand to drill off the coast a product of oil company promoters?

It seems awfully strange that the steady unexplained rise in oil and gas prices have caused some political leaders to seem to suddenly come up with the idea that offshore oil drilling should be no longer banned. Never mind that the danger to ocean life as well as human life is so great. Sure, we may end up with more oil, but at what price. Isn’t the environment already in enough turmoil? Haven’t we learned from past ideas promoted by president Bush that they may not be the best ideas to follow? Alternative energy solutions should be the order of the day, not more invasive harm to the oceans and beaches plus the environment caused by more oil drilling off of our coast…..

5 Responses to “Are high oil prices an excuse to finally demand to drill off the coast a product of oil company promoters?”

  1. crackedpot Says:

    I’m not at all sure there is a shortage of oil supply. I’m not at all sure that oil companies don’t already have access to more oil if they chose to drill in places already approved. guess they would have to work harder and at greater cost to get the oil, which would drop their profits from trillions to billions. wouldn’t put anything beyond the mercenary agendas of the current admin. notice Cheney’s earlier "mistake" this week where he alleged the Chinese are already drilling off the Florida coast? he later acknowledged it wasn’t true, but not before y/a folks were pounding the drums with the "news" and suggesting we do the same. it’s not like bush and Cheney haven’t lied to the American people before and used the situation for their own personal gain,or the financial gain of their cronies. i am convinced these guys will rape and pillage everything they can before leaving office. now if bush and co could be convinced to make a personal investment in an alternative fuel source, i bet you’d see them sending bunches of fed dollars, tax incentives, etc. that way. we only think they are there to serve the country. they are only about self service.

  2. NYNY Says:

    It looks that way, but it’s possible that they’re just taking advantage of the opportunity.
    It’s what they usually do.

    And, you’re right, alternative energy solutions should be the order of the day.

  3. E-vangelist Says:

    It should only be used as a short term patch. Alternative fuels are definitely the way to go but how long until they can get into production. The prices are killing the economy today. We can’t wait five years,


  4. scrooge Says:

    you bet ye.

  5. v147m26 Says:

    Yes. It’s worse than most people realize.

    In 2006 oil producers decided collectively in North America that they did not like the high production drilling prices. It would be better to drill in protected areas in America. So drilling was cut back in 2006 to 2008. Drilling companies and their rigs were forced to other locations such as Russia and Africa to keep their rigs active and profitable.

    Before this, americans did not support protected areas. Now that the artificial increases of gas are in place, they do.

    Now there is an insufficient numbers of rigs. Rig manufacturers can make lots of money, Oil producers can make lots of more money. Anybody in the inside of the planning of this could have made lots of money from selective stock purchases.

    Who made money? …………………………………..
    Who got hosed? …………………………………..

    Which political party is the Republican owned media about to blame the high oil prices? ….. sigh.