Are people blind or can you not see Govt is big business?

Im not a big politics guy I’ve got alot better things to do like look at the sky and ponder whats out there, or listen to the waves and think about all the life a body of water sustains. I just can’t believe that we sit back and argue our politics like theres a right and wrong and get so wrapped in each little issue that we miss the big picture. Politics are a businees and without a dramatic, cataclismic change the ship will keep climbing the corporate ladder until it owns all the resources the land and the technology to do anything it wants to our earth. I’m not a tree hugger, I’m a bar owner and Im smart enough to know that there are alternatives to gasoline out there and unless we park our cars and don’t put another penny in the pump they are going to keep raping us. Jesus, I’m talking to a bunch of people who still pay the government to inhale cancer, like your going to stop driving. I give up I could go on and on but I’d rather watch the waves…..Peace

4 Responses to “Are people blind or can you not see Govt is big business?”

  1. Walter Ridgeley Says:

    Don’t worry, be happy!

  2. railroad dave Says:

    congress passed a law that gave corporations the same ‘rights’ as a human citizen has. this law is very sneaky. they are allowed to lobby congress(leagalized bribery)and now ,corp’s are wording their own laws,to "help" thier bought and paid for congressman, that are suppposed to regulate thier industy. talk about the fox guarding the henhouse

  3. Blue Note Says:

    Nothing will change unless people get involved, look at the waves, but don’t complain about a future your not involved in.

  4. RuffDog Says:

    Ride bikes.

    And don’t forget how much petrol goes into the creation of the other things we use, not just cars. It takes alot of oil/gasoline to make the food we eat or the electiricty we use.