Are the california wildfires to blame for the record price of oil?

Might as well be right? Seems like anything in the news causes oil to go up!

9 Responses to “Are the california wildfires to blame for the record price of oil?”

  1. Excite Says:

    No, Bush is. Every time him or anyone in his administration starts spewing their rhetoric about Iran, the price of oil goes up about 5%.

    At the rate they are going, the price of oil will be over $150 per barrel by New Years Day.

  2. wendy Says:

    I am sure it will, they raise it if the wind blows wrong excuses excuses!! Oh no Bush farted lets raise the price of oil!!

  3. sunshine_britt Says:

    i dont think it is but maybe i hope not ouch that hurts my wallet

  4. sup cutie pie Says:

    yes because it blew up and the fuel we use now was in the fire i think now i have to pay more

  5. JR Says:

    It’s probably a good excuse, but I also heard that Florida might get a storm, so they want to be careful!

  6. dickn2000a Says:

    Let’s blame Bush too. After all, he invaded Iraq to get all the oil. And look how successful that venture has been.

  7. zeb6219 Says:

    Now really…No, the price of oil is a political manipulation. If you can provide a reason that has provoked your question, I would certainly like to know it.

  8. gabby xx awesome Says:

    No, a kid started the fire. (//_-)

    Someone needs to keep a better eye out on their kids.;_ylt=AswVIV_HbtmrkpigouZVmQOs0NUE

  9. abenezerscroogexxx Says:

    why is that.