Are there any alternatives to petroleum jelly?

I am looking for something with a similar consistency and usage as Vaseline. I dislike the smell and ingredients in it.
I am looking for something to protect and moisturize lips and the skin around my mouth. I have problems with chapped skin during the winter.

21 Responses to “Are there any alternatives to petroleum jelly?”

  1. morrocanmami Says:

    Olive Oil or Shea Butter

  2. Co-Coa-May Says:

    Baby Oil Gel.

    It’s made by Johnson & Johnson, or you can use the generic kind just the same.

    I love it. It shines like baby oil and vaseline, but goes on like a lotion. Just a little more greasy than lotion.

    Hope this helped ya some!

  3. Jack Tax Says:


  4. Meg W Says:

    Petroleum peanut butter?

  5. Nu Nu Says:

    Try Queen Helen’s Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter..
    The mango shea butter is divine!!!

  6. Lucy Says:

    Depends what you are using it for…..

  7. yaya101 Says:

    You can buy a body cream in a container similar to Vaseline but it is more like lotion but thicker for those really dry spots. You can get it at Bath and Body Works so they smell really good.

  8. rajan naidu Says:

    wheatgerm oil

  9. MISS-MARY Says:

    Depends on what you are using it for. If for skin softness use baby oil in your bath or on the washcloth just before getting out of shower, don’t slip. If for personal lubrication buy something like K-Y , it isn’t as thick but it works well and is designed for that purpose. Without knowing what you are using it for that is about it. Good luck.

  10. his love Says:

    Baby oil GEL.

  11. paulandkim1532 Says:


  12. wendylam78 Says:

    shea butter or cocoa butter based oinkments?

    i dislike petroleum jelly because it’s greasy!

  13. j_z_256 Says:

    of you are using ift for your lips the best thing that i found is carmex. it has a different scent (smells better) and i use it all the time!it’s for cold sore and chapped lips. usually iuse it at first signs of chapped lips and my lips are healed bwithin a day or two! if you try that and don’t like that try a medicated chapstick. if that don’t work talk to your doctor about chronic chapped lips see what they say.

  14. alysonbabey Says:

    Unfortunately there is nothing really like Petroleum Jelly. But try using Nivea cold cream, it takes make-up off beautifully and moisturizes

  15. trottergirl80 Says:

    Try aquaphore ointment. I use it.

  16. Here In LaLA Says:

    Eucerin makes this stuff called Aquaphor – as mentioned above, it is clear like vaseline, but not anywhere near as greasy and does not smell ingredients are: 41% petrolatum, mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, glycerin and bisabolol – you didn’t mention which ingredients you didn’t like, but that’s what’s in it. I’ve got sensitive skin, and with the flaky weather, it’s been the only thing that’s reliable. You really should try it. Below is a site w/more info on it.

  17. myladybeau Says:

    try arbonne bio-nutria
    it’s an herbal lip ointment. i use it on my 7 year old because he has braces and his lips crack and bleed if he doesn’t use it

  18. crox Says:

    I suffer from the same thing , i use blistex and it is for very sensitive lips and comes in a flavours

  19. Maritz Says:

    try lanolin!

  20. tphill71 Says:

    Hydrochloric Acid – worked for me!

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