Are we being gouged by the electric company?

I’ve noticed a new charge on our electric bill called PCA. It was explained that it stands for Power Cost Adjustment, which varies from month to month to compensate for the regular fluctuations in the price of the coal and natural gas used to generate the electricity you consume.
What a crock! Our house is totally electric. Our last bill was 3.00 for the electricity…the PCA charge was 8.00. Doesn’t the cost of the electricity already factor in the cost of making it? But now we have to pay for it to be generated. I think a wind generator made specifically for one home’s electrical needs would be money well spent. Any ideas if this PCA charge is legal? Any ideas on where we can find alternate sources of electricity for our home? As high as the bill is, we’re going to be left in the dark anyway.

5 Responses to “Are we being gouged by the electric company?”

  1. chronus79 Says:

    the state review board is looking into it to decide if the price hike is legal. unfortunatly it could take up to three months to decide if it is legal.

  2. shadow Says:

    Install solar panels , The initial price is high,but if you don;t plan on moving for a long time it will pay for itself .Some cities or utility companies give rebates for sloar installation

  3. The Dark Side Says:

    Sounds like a scam to me .In Ontario because the idiots who run the utility mismanaged it , we wound up having to pay a debt reduction charge on top of everything else we already pay to these wallet sucking weasels.It seems to me if the price of fuel fluctuates then they would already know this and is nothing new.Why didn’t they charge people before ?Are they doing it elsewhere? If not, why not? Start a petition if all else fails.More laws need to be passed to protect the consumer.Good luck with your alt. energy plans!

  4. iambettyboop Says:

    Sounds like a "FLEECING CHARGE" to me too . Perhaps have one of your local TV news channels investigate the subject . They love to report on this kind of information . Only their shadow knows what they are up to with these sly charges .

  5. sansjazz Says:

    If you’re spending that kind of money on electricity, you might as well go solar