Are we making the best use of crude oil?

some people say that in 50 years there wont be hardly any crude oil for use.
do you think we are using crude oil in a "sustainbale" way?

3 Responses to “Are we making the best use of crude oil?”

  1. Geology Rock Star Says:

    Yes, we should, we should slowly phase out crude oil use in favor of other less polluting alternatives

  2. Caleb H Says:

    Where does rubber come from? What about plastic? Paint? That’s just off the top of my head. Oil makes a whole lot more things than just gasoline… Without oil, there is no more modern world technology..

  3. Hazza the Gazza Says:

    Yes we are, we are trying to make different energys as we speak, it will run out soon, so stretching it out is crucial to have those extra years.