Are we making the best use of crude oil?

I mean is the best use of crude oil as a fuel or a petrochemical?

4 Responses to “Are we making the best use of crude oil?”

  1. JamalN Says:

    It’s so sad how after the f****** oil spill that destroyed all of the marine wild life….we are still using oil, and to make it worst, we aren’t even investing more time and effort into green energy?!!! We are killing our planet slowly. Maybe the 2012 thing was true, except we will be killing ourselves.

    Oh and sorry for being completely off topic, but I saw crude oil in your question and was like..I have to say that lol. And money wise, fuel…

  2. Saucy Ski Siren Says:


  3. BeachBummed Says:

    <agrees with Jama…but to answer your question, NO. The best use of crude oil is to leave it in the earth. If we never sucked another gallon of crude that would be fine with me. Develop wind, solar and other alternate sources instead.

  4. YOUR MOTHER Says: