Are We Re-Launching Drill Here Drill Now?

In May 2008, with gasoline prices well on their way to per gallon, American Solutions launched Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less, a citizen-led petition calling on Congress to “immediately lower gasoline prices” by authorizing the exploration of America’s vast energy resources.
The petition turned quickly turned into a 1.5 million member grassroots movement that re-focused America’s attention on the federal government’s numerous and destructive bans on domestic energy production. In response, Congress decided in September of 2008 to let its quarter-century long ban on offshore drilling expire.
Then Barack Obama entered the White House.
Since taking office, President Obama has worked tirelessly to recreate the same web of restrictions and bans that raised gasoline prices and forced America to become more reliant on OPEC. Adding insult to injury, the President’s policies to thwart domestic oil and gas production have also killed thousands of jobs and hamstrung economic recovery across the country.
Now, as a result of President Obama’s war on American oil and gas, offshore drilling in most of the Outer Continental Shelf is banned, just as it was for twenty-five years up until 2008, and gasoline prices are edging toward per gallon once again.

Passing laws to encourage exploration and drilling in America will bring the price of oil down right now, just like it did in Sept, 2008.
The price of oil is based on EXPECTATION of supply and demand.
This would bring the price of oil down now, and assure a supply in the future.

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