Are we refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserves right now while crude is low?

With crude at an all time low, now would be the time to fill it to the brim. After all, we might have to sell it to China to pay off some of our debt.

10 Responses to “Are we refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserves right now while crude is low?”

  1. David S Says:

    No, but the party in power is filling the air with bullsh*t.

  2. Shovel Ready Says:

    Nancy Pelosi is using up that oil for her nice big government jetliner.

  3. My Brain Says:

    I dont think they stopped.

    Oil is not at its all time low.

  4. Chad Says:

    I believe they are at capacity. We never used them while the gas prices were high.

  5. dewdrop Says:

    Excellent question. If we aren’t, we are missing a fantastic opportunity.


    I’m pretty sure we always keep a 90 day supply in reserves. At least I hope we do.

  7. Boss H Says:

    Probably not.
    It was kept full while oil prices where high.

    The oil company owned refiners will start buying it back as soon as the prices drop even more, but only after they get rid of all the stuff sitting around in tankers.
    DRILL HERE DRILL NOW!! push that stuff down so they can’t even give it away!
    I told the genius right-wingers this is what would happen with increased production.
    Now just imagine if we really did push production even higher, and could get the stuff to market as fast as right-wingers think it can be done.

  8. Greg Says:

    No. The current administration is working too hard to raise oil and energy prices with the "green agenda". Getting rid of coal as well so there goes the electric bill. Get ready.

    Here’s Obama…his own words, "electricity prices will skyrocket".

    It’s funny to hear him say "8 trillion dollars", because that’s exactly what some estimates are now.

    Climate change….the ultimate political weapon to gain power.

  9. az grande Says:

    They fear that alternative energy technology will take hold so the market is being manipulated downward by increasing supply. Its not that hard to figure out.

  10. bluechristy Says:

    Actually I hope So .
    Here is a Link >
    DOE – Fossil Energy: Quick Facts about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
    Oil & Natural Gas Supply & Delivery. Natural Gas Regulation. U.S. Petroleum Reserves … that consumption of petroleum in the United States would increase over time and that … – 63k – Cached