Are you as happy as I am about the price of oil?

My family makes lots of money in oil trading. We can finally get our third home, which means when I move out, I’ll have a place of my own. My dad is buying me a lexus for graduation. I’m going to drive down the street honking at all the losers who can’t afford gas.

Capitalism is good… don’t you agree?
…but vertitatus, wouldn’t it be better to just let the people who can’t pull their own die off?

After all, they aren’t contributing to society.

3 Responses to “Are you as happy as I am about the price of oil?”

  1. Veritatum17 Says:

    Well, you took a risk and it paid off. Good for you. When the asset bubble bursts, I hope you’d have had the good sense to either hedge your options positions, or mitigate your risks in another fashion via derivatives or diversification. I’d also suggest closing down your margins if you can.

    Hey, I’m glad someone is making money amidst this misery. BTW, you may wish to offset the tax liability (35%, from the sound of your income level) from your options gains by making charitable contributions.

    The St. Louis Food Bank is at a critical shortage, so much so that people are being turned away. It’s a double-whammy with the price of oil: food-insecure families have to make a terrible choice, and donors can’t afford to buck up the money or food, which is getting more expensive by the day.

    I’ll make you a deal: if you donate $120 of your wonderful earnings from oil, I’ll do the same, and several families can eat because of our generosity. And you get to not have to pay uncle sam for some of your earnings, and you get to offset a little of the misery you’ve gained from.

  2. Brittanyboop Says:


    you suck.

  3. kennilope Says:

    I am glad you are happy with your new car and you could afford gas.

    and laugh all you want about those "looser" that can’t afford gas.

    because while you are laughing down the road driving your Lexus.. you drove into a pole and crash your car….
    Now you are paralyze and can’t walk…

    Now who has the last laugh?? You are the "looser" that could walk and not in a wheel chair??

    Life is not about been rich or poor or what you could afford.

    Life is about learning and sharing…

    Stop been stupid and grow up.