Are you tired of the high price of gas and oil?

I am and it is time congress hears from you. Below is a link to a petition to tell congress to drill wherever we can. When it comes to a choice between a caribou and my financial well being, the caribou is going to lose out.
Two decades or worthless leaders? I would say at least 4 decades of worthless leader. Even Reagan signed an immigration bill I am not too pleased about althought he was probably the best in the past 40 years.

10 Responses to “Are you tired of the high price of gas and oil?”

  1. Jackie O Says:

    I am so tired of the high price of gas and oil. I was ready to protest when the price of gas went to $2.00 and gallon. At $4.00, I may have to choose if I am going to eat or drive.

  2. bosshawg Says:


  3. Nothingusefullearnedinschool Says:

    Yes, I am tired of it; however, compared to food prices and medical costs, it is a real bargain.
    If only the Feds would tie Social Security to the ACTUAL inflation rate…

  4. Atypical Says:

    I’m actually a democrat who agrees with the drilling, however I think you should know that drilling for oil on our reserves really isn’t going to change the price of gas that much. For what Americans consume it would cover a fraction(about 10 to 15 percent) of what we use.

  5. clarissa c Says:
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  6. maestroleon2000 Says:

    Really? but the fact is that almost everyone opposes a perpetual repository in Nevada, and the waste created to make electricity keeps piling up all over the place. I don’t know if petitioning or getting tired is the proper answer. There are better options than getting tired, and the same aren’t big secrets. Just look around, and see what can be done.

  7. archkarat Says:

    Yes. It keeps going like this and there will be riots and massive numbers of casualties. This will be seen as a horrible time in our history where we started paying the price for two decades of worthless leaders.

  8. Fred S Says:

    No problem, the Republican are trying to convince us it’s good old Supply and demand and the Chinese went from bicycles to Buicks (I heard it is the most popular American cars in China) in just two years, how quite remarkable 😉

  9. chappye7 Says:

    Yes, but unless we Americans stand up together and fight this we will be at the mercy of the Opec and our own government. This is ridiculous and we Americans complain but do little else.

  10. Dirk Says:

    Am I the only one who believes that the oil producting countries should see if they can start eatting all of that sand and oil? We should start trading food for oil!!!!