Aside from high octane fuels and lubricants, exactly what do we need petroleum for?

We have alternative fuels, can’t we just flip the bird to these oil producing nations, cut our consumption, and rely on our own resources?
OK, I mistakenly lumped aviation fuel in with the high octane (woops) stuff. I was totally unaware that oil is needed to manufacture the plastics that we can’t do without, so thanks for the eye-opener. But even with that, can’t our own oil do the trick?

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  1. Says:

    Petroleum is the basis of fuels such as fuel oils and gasoline, motor oils, diesel fuel, propane, Kerosene, LPG (liquuefied petroleum gas), lubricating oils, paraffin (for packaging of food), asphalt and tar for roads and many petrochemical products–plastics. Sulfur is removed from petroleum and used in industrial materials.

    Conventional fuels include petroleum (oil), coal, propoane, and natural gas.

    Yes, there are a variety of alternative fuels– hydrogen, LNG, biomass (developed from plant matter such as switchgrass, hemp corn, sugar cane), methane, vegetable oil etc. in addition to harnessing of solar, wind , hydro, wave and geothermal and nuclear power. But many are emerging technologies.

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  2. ElGrande Says:

    Plastics… don’t forget plastics.

  3. Lover not a Fighter Says:

    >> exactly what do we need petroleum for?

    One of the most important area is JET fuel. They cannot accept "batteries", hydrogen power, and other alternative fuels.

    good luck…

  4. gator Says:

    The plastic for you laptop, the plastic for your bottled water, the plastic bag you carry your groceries in. These are just a few of the many, many things we produce from oil.

  5. rockindel1 Says:

    if it were that easy it would be nice
    I we seeded all the farm land in north america with biofuel compatible plants, the whole years crops wouldn’t supply the USA for 1 day.
    so until we start running on hydrogen separated from water, or wind electric cars we will have to hold that bird in for a while
    oh wait.
    you guys have a water shortage there too dont you
    oh well maybe compressed air?

  6. fragmaster3sum Says:

    condom lubricant