Bankruptcy fraud? (Elderly)It it fruad to conceal that you own property from the banruptcy court? Even more?

importantly say someone co-owned a piece of land (without a homestead on it) and intentionally lied about owning it so they wouldn’t lose it….then I report them….what would happen to the land? Would it be taken? Forced sold? What about the other co-owner. What is that person’s rights?

The person who has committed the fraud is a 64 year old woman who is in bad health. She is diabetic, has end stage kidney failure, a dialysis patient, and just started insulin and is losing her hair. Would they go easy on her for obvious reasons?
This land was owned by the elderly woman’s husband. His name is on the deed, and she is only listed as a witness. He passed away in 98. All is property became his daughters. She has a suscession. She thought the land was 100% hers and was trying to sell it. The buyers attorney called and said she somehow co-owns the land with her mother. The woman has been abusive to the daughter for years and now she (daughter) just wants what is hers from dad

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  1. judles Says:

    Fraud is fraud regardless of gender,age,health etc. This lady in question is very ill, and I am sure that you must be aware she won’t be around for ever. I realise you say she has been abusive to her daughter for years, but why bother with revenge, two wrongs don’t make a right. And think about all the stress and hurt reporting her is going to cause. When she passes away, surely then her daughter will be able to lay claim to the land. I also need to say I do not condone fraud in any shape or form, this is a moral dilemma.