Barnett Shale Mineral Rights?

I live in Mansfield Texas and in March of 2007 I leased my mineral rights and have yet to hear or receive any information or payments, I tried calling the company that leased them but no one ever answered. I was told that the company sold out to another but no information was ever passed onto the land owners, is there a way to find out who holds them now?

2 Responses to “Barnett Shale Mineral Rights?”

  1. GeoChris Says:

    These people may be able to help and advise you on the best action to take:

    Texas Land & Mineral Owners Association

  2. Ellis Says:

    Your mineral rights may have been leased, but that does not necessarily mean a well has been, or will be drilled during the term of that lease. Before a well is drilled, the operator will mail all interested parties the proposed drilling unit and other pertinent information. You can visit the county clerk of court’s office where your mineral are located and ‘trace’ the ownership of the lease you signed in 2007.