besides gas what can cars run on? cng vegatable oil?

i have a research paper. topic is substitution for gasoline

i need to know in other countries or in the u.s.a. what they use besides gas because gas price is high there has to be other options

i know of cng natural comppressed gas .. ethynal? vegetable oil

3 Responses to “besides gas what can cars run on? cng vegatable oil?”

  1. Charles Says:

    Bio Diesel – this is just oil blends e.g oil mixed with standard diesel or alcohol etc .. B100 etc (
    Wood Gas (l
    Oils (All types of all, Animal Fats, Nut oils, Veg Oil, olive oil) Only Diesel can run on this and they must have a conversion to run without heating the oil)
    (Ethanol) pure alcohol, (alcohol can be made from Grass, Potatoes, Grapes, etc …..
    hydrogen fuel (
    Compressed Air (can’t run a standard engine.. needs to be converted)
    Ammonia fuelled vehicles (
    Liquid nitrogen car

  2. MAR Says:

    Canola Oil
    Hemp Oil
    Bio Diesel
    Hydrogen Gas
    Natural Gas

    The Oil Companies don’t want you to know

  3. Brett Thompson Says:

    A combination of sap and corn syrup.