Bloggers propose Gay Bar next to Ground Zero Super Mosque. What do you think?

Some blogger has proposed building a gay bar next to the proposed Ground Zero Super Mosque. I mean, a land owner has the right to erect any legal business he wants in/on his land. Right? Isn’t that what the moslems are saying?

I think it is hysterial and totally appropriate. Read the story, and especially read the comments.

Justice may well win out.

8 Responses to “Bloggers propose Gay Bar next to Ground Zero Super Mosque. What do you think?”

  1. fuzzytop Says:

    Do we need to have either one ? Why not just put a parking complex in ? Parking is desperately needed in that area .

  2. Wrenched Says:

    A nude strip club on the other side would be appropriate…and let the callers stand out on the street pimping the place in the nude if they desire.

    Move the nude cowboy down there too.

    In this state public nudity is only an expression of a persons freedom of speech.

  3. Scarlet Run - A :) Fixes All Says:

    If someone is willing to pay for it, they should go for it.

    I would love to see what excuses the protesters come up with :)

  4. Mike real British Says:

    A very good idea, gays do not blow people up with suicide bombs so can be seen as harmless, on the other side of the super Mosque I will open a pork butchers also harmless.

  5. Amber B Says:

    I am positive most of the victims would have found this post and this disgusting, bigoted squabbling more offensive than either a gay bar or a mosque being built in the area.

  6. Veng Says:

    sala murthi pujari mother chod hindu dot head

  7. Johnny Rico Says:

    they should call it "Suspicious Packages".

  8. cardinal Says:

    Amber is pretty predictable.
    Gay bar next to the Muslim church, what a great idea, and on the other side a barbeque joint.