Bush is allowing oil companies to drill in the Arctic and kill polar bears – can I do anything?

From an article:

The Fish and Wildlife Service issued regulations this week providing legal protection to seven oil companies planning to search for oil and gas in the Chukchi Sea off the northwestern coast of Alaska.

Polar bears or Pacific walruses will be severely harmed by the activities of the oil companies over the next five years.

About 2,500 of the 20,000 polar bears in the Arctic live in and around the Chukchi Sea. The Bush Administration gave the oil companies a blank check to harass these polar bear and eventually wipe them out from the earth.

Can I do anything to help? I feel so sad about this.

7 Responses to “Bush is allowing oil companies to drill in the Arctic and kill polar bears – can I do anything?”

  1. Nightwind Says:

    Well, first of all you seem to have alot of wrong information. Lets dispell it together shall we ?
    There is NO ONE in this nation but the oil companies providing you with your heating oil, gasoline, engine oil, jet fuel etc…so why are you complaining about what the oil companies are doing when they are the only one’s doing it ?
    Government has never produced anything and probably never will.
    Secondly, 75% of the polar bears live in Canada, and of those living today, their population has more than doubled since 1974, so please..shut up about the polar bears…they are not poor, they are not deserving to be on the endangered species list and they are not drowning. As for how they are effected….ask the Caribou. Enviro whacko’s whined the same line when they wanted to build the Alaskan pipeline, but they were wrong, and the Caribou are doing just fine.
    If its the location your worried about, After Hurricane Katrina there were 100’s of oil derricks damaged but not a one caused an enviromental incident. That attests to the safety of oil derricks and how well they are made.
    So what else are the oil companies suppose to do ? They are selling a product that they have sunk many many millions of dollars into to search for, find, reach with equipment, pull it out of the ground, refine it and get it to the place where the consumer will use it. No one is forcing you to use gas, but you whine that the price is high and where oil companies drill ? How about blaming your democratically controlled congress for messing with the economy, not doing the people’s work and being the main cause of high prices ? Bill Clinton himself veto’d the measure to allow these companies to drill and build refineries.
    If we could be drilling 80 miles off our southern coast like china is for our own oil, we woulcn’t be as reliant on foreign oil. If we could build more refineries, we wouldn’ thave to be importing 13% of our refined gass…when we didn’t use to import any. The companies know where the oil is, but congress won’t let them drill there…..not due to any reasonable fear of eco-distaster, but due to fear for their political future, out of fear of enviro whacko’s that might demonstrate against them, out of fear that they won’t get money and contributions from special interest groups.
    You can’t do a thing but jump on the band wagon of these enviro-freaks and add your voice to theirs…but i’m hoping the previous facts will educate you a bit before you make yourself out a laughing stalk
    Of all the whiners crying about the polar bears , yours has been the most absolute unfounded and stupid. (based on evidence and facts of course).

  2. Nerby13 Says:

    Just shut up. We need the oil. Don’t be a pathetic crybaby.

  3. Chuck M Says:

    Yes there is.
    1. Start writing letters, sending e-mails, and making phone calls to your congressmen/women. Let them know your concerns and how you feel about this. Don’t make it long and rambling, but short and too the point.
    2. Start writing letters to the editor and op-ed articles for your local newspapers, and the major newspapers in your state, to get your opinion noticed.
    3. Start an advocacy group. Find other people who feel the same way as you, get them to write letters, make phone calls, send e-mails.
    4. Vote for politicians that have your same opinion of the oil drilling. Use your advocacy group to get the word out in support of him/her.
    5. Run for office your self. Advance your own points of view.

    Good luck in your efforts.

  4. donfletcheryh Says:

    You might get busy promoting other places to drill.
    America is not going to wait forever to bring some more oil on stream. The difficulty in importing it is becoming a major bother.

    So, what is needed is not just a plea to defer drilling here, but a plan to get oil and almost now.

    Come to think of it, does it really matter whether this particular oil is consumed now of a decade later? I am not hearing any plea to defer drilling forever. If this is just to defer for 5 years, what is the real benefit?

  5. GABY Says:

    No Whining. You are so full of it. It is people like you that lack real knowledge, but just love to whine that has put us in the position we are in.

    "Environmentalists" killed our Nuclear Program. Countries like France now are 80% Nuclear and are able to use much less fossil fuels than we burn.
    "Environmentalists" have just about stopped any new drilling here which has forced us to become more and more dependant on foriegn oil.
    "Environmentalists" have forced us to drive very inefficient cars like they have in the rest of the world. We could cut our oil use by cars in half just by adopting European Standards and get over 50MPG in inexpensive cars.
    "Environmentalists" lie about the potential of Solar, Wind, etc. and just blame everything on corporations and the government. They have no real answers. They know nothing but bitch, bitch, bitch.
    "Environmentalists" are worse than radical Islamic terrorists. They are destroying our economy and our way of life. They are the leaches of our society. They produce nothing, but suck the life out of our society.

    I love Solar, Wind, Hydrogen, Geothermal, etc. I have studied all of them. I wish they could supply what we need, but the fact is they can not at this time. We have plenty of coal and oil and we need to use it to maintain our society. ALL alternatives should be used where practicle. We should continue developing new forms as rapidly as possible, but at this time Nuclear is the only proven reliable source we have that can provide the amount of 24/7 power we need and not produce CO2. Until we have it, we need to get drilling. People are more important than Polar Bears. We should start raising them and eating them. Their furs make good coats too.

  6. dewhatulike Says:

    Is there anything you can do?…Sure….Hug a Polar Bear.

  7. g-a-b Says:

    Nothing! this is a sad true, unfortunately, we can do nothing, because they have the power and Dominion, they can destroy everything they want in the name of civilization or lastly in the name of God, there will be an excuses and conquer of the Masses mind, it has been this way for many times.
    The only way we can help our planet is by respecting our selves the life of the animals, respect to our nature in every way, but to convince the minds of people who think they are the owners of this planet, truly, is impossible, especially when evil call for more power that’s is why our planet is agonizing day by day, because man are inclined to anti-nature life, the further you are from nature the closer you are to destruction.