Can a car run on chicken grease instead of petroleum?

I’ve heard that a car can be converted to run on chicken grease and a small amount of oil by installing a conversion kit. Is this true?

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  1. CherryToppings Says:

    Yes I have actually seen many articles on that. I would get a junk car and try it but I dont have a car period. That would be better for our environment. And just think, one day we all can come home in our cars and fry chicken in the engine for dinner. Kill two birds with one stone, eh.

  2. mclaudio99 Says:

    why don’t you try it and let me know

  3. Mycroft Says:

    I’ve read accounts of cars running on kitchen grease, but I don’t know what is involved in the conversion, and what cars can be converted.

  4. Sunny484 Says:

    Yes..please keep the posted public on whether or not your car can run on chicken

  5. Answer Says:

    I doubt it.

  6. Chaos mediation Says:

    Yes… I did this, it works wonders for the environment and your pocketbook. plus the world will begin to smell like fried chicken.

  7. thylawyer Says:

    A diesel engine can be modified to run on used vegetable oil or liquified fat. If it’s not a diesel, stick to gas or ethanol.

  8. pink Says:

    ive not heard of that, but you can definatley with chip/fries fat and a small amount of white spirit/ terpentine.

  9. mr_b_carey Says:

    You can get a diesel engine car to run on oil from deepfat fryers, you just need to add a fuel additive and make sure you pay the fuel duty, its supposed to be better for the environment and works out cheaper then diesel at the pump.

  10. MrsDebra Says:

    Look it up sometime, if you just must know. But, I do know that there are people that recycle the frying grease from restaurants & use it for their vehicles fuel source. I sometimes see people on Freecycle asking for the grease. Join a Freecycle chapter near you, & ask for some grease yourself!

  11. CottonPatch Says:

    I thought it was vegetable oil.