Can a chemical engineer work as a petroleum engineer?

I’m almost done with a chemical engineering/chemistry combined degree, and was wondering if I can break into petroleum engineering with this degree, or if I would have to undertake additional training for that. Any answers welcome

2 Responses to “Can a chemical engineer work as a petroleum engineer?”

  1. oil field trash Says:

    Yes, but you would do well to have some geology training but that is not imperative. Some universities provide a dual degree in both disciplines.

  2. Muppet Fan Says:

    If you get into the oil field it wouldn’t really matter what your major is; see the energy industry is sort of a hungry beast. That said, chemical engineering (isn’t that what process engineering is called these days?) is as far from petroleum as you can get. You will need at least a couple years worth of studying petroleum-related stuff. Again, you do not need yo be a PETE to join the oil industry. You can get a job in a plant or a refinery or so. I’ve met a few chemical engineers who joined the field without any further training and they are doing just fine.
    Best of luck.