Can America rely on foreign oil imports? With unrest are we at risk of shutting down without imports? NO GAS?

What risk are we willing to live with? We have no guaranty that oil suppy will be maintained if Iran goes into civil war? And this could spread to other oil suppling nations. Shouldn’t we be drilling for our national deffense. No Oil No economy!

8 Responses to “Can America rely on foreign oil imports? With unrest are we at risk of shutting down without imports? NO GAS?”

  1. Reality has a Liberal Bias Says:

    Bush said we’re addicted to oil. Drilling for more just feeds the addiction.

    We import 75% of our oil — we’ll never get the drilling capacity up to where we need it.

    Why don’t you retire your SUV and buy a Prius — that would help more than ranting about drilling.

  2. regular american Says:

    *bangs head against wall* Why O why can’t we get our own oil right here in our own country? Not only will it break our foreign dependency, but it will help our econ. in the long run to produce more of our own oil.

  3. Mr. 1911A Says:

    We have PLENTY of oil. The libbies don’t want to drill for it.

    They’d rather be dependent on nutjobs in Venezuela or our enemies in the Middle east.

  4. OkieRoadhunter Says:

    Yes. We’d do fine. So what if gas goes to $10 per gallon? It would be at $12 if the government wasn’t already subsidizing oil companies with your tax dollars. Just think what they could do toward alternative energy with all the money they give to rich oil companies now.

  5. claudiacake Says:

    The United States has more oil and gas underneath our land and in shale than is controlled by all the other oil producing nations of the world. We need to remove the restrictions and regulations that hamstring our exploration, drilling, and production companies, and prevent the building of new refineries. People in this country need to realize that we are in the fight of our lives, here, and that at some point, humans need to take precedence over barn owls and caribou-following mosquitoes.
    People can stutter and stammer about "green energy" all they like, but it’s not here yet, and it is a LONG way from happening. Add to that, our oh-so-brilliant activists who stymied our nuclear power program (idiots!).
    Drill? Damn straight! Nobody does it better than we do, when we do it.

  6. cool Says:

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  7. rich k Says:

    Why stop with oil? The U.S. people have built an entire culture of dependence on goods and resources we cannot provide for ourselves, no one would be willing to give up all the luxuries that come from cheap foreign imports and live within their means, that is what has gotten us into this mess. The first and most important step towards self-sufficiency is willingness to give up anything you can neither make for yourself or purchase with cash. Do you think the average U.S. citizen would even consider such a sacrifice? Would you? Our oil dependency is nothing but a single symptom of a universal social problem, you don’t cure the disease by treating just one symptom.

  8. Cindy Says:

    That is what Obama knows. We can’t put off a realistic energy policy anymore. That is why he put new MPG standards in place. We have to quit using oil.