Can any one provide oil stabilization process in crude oil?

I want oil stabilization process in crude oil(Oil well) can any one provide internate site or maerial with process and drawings?

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  1. Norrie Says:

    Not possible to send diagrams but here’s a breakdown of the process:-

    ‘Stabilisation’ is a process used to remove light components from gasoline produced in the Catalytic or Thermal cracking processes of Naphtha and other gasoline producing processes.
    The gasoline contains light ends of Methane, Ethane, Ethylene, Propane and Butane.
    Stabilisation is simply another name for ‘Fractionation’ or ‘Rectification’.
    The method uses a distillation column containing bubble-cap contactor trays.
    As the vapours from heated gasoline rise up through the contacting trays they are separated by the distillation process and the light ends are taken from the tower top and butane and propane are condensed out and sent to other processes.
    Uncondensed gases go to fuel or flare system. The stabilised gasoline from the tower bottom is cooled and goes to storage and distribution.