Can Hamas be firing rockets into Israel to push the price of oil higher?

Iran is suffering severe budget shortfalls because of low oil prices on the international market. Hamas is funded by the state of Iran. Could Hamas be acting under the direction of Iran to push oil prices higher? It interesting to note that no rocket attacks on Israel were happening when oil was over 0 a barrel.

7 Responses to “Can Hamas be firing rockets into Israel to push the price of oil higher?”

  1. princess maya Says:

    NO, Actually they are firing rockets for defending themselves.
    only 4 of them have been killed
    on the other side: 520 palestinians killed and 5200 injured

  2. Holy Cow Says:

    It already has.

    Iran will be devastated to see the Bush administration go. It’s done wonders for their budget.

  3. Don't Koresh Me Bro! Says:

    No…it’s probably just an attempt to stop the jews from bulldozing their houses and forcing them into refugee camps during this genocidal ethnic cleansing operation that Israel is conducting right now.

  4. whimsy Says:

    Well, if Hamas was wishing to cause economic hardship upon the US, then, yes…

  5. Bob Says:

    Probably. Iran created Hamas and they are suffering economically. So this is a good connection.

  6. Boss H Says:

    How hard could it possibly be to get a little green headband and a rocket launcher?

    Heck the people don’t even have to be members of Hamas. They could be members of BlackWater as far as anyone really knows.

  7. nonoy Says:

    maybe. But ISRAEL and US support is sure to increase the oil prices if this war gets longer