Can I achieve my Masters in Petroleum Engineering?

If I have a BS in Geology, can I go on to get a Masters in Petroleum Engineering. Im about to graduate with a BS in Geology and want to become a Petroleum Engineer. My school didnt offer a BS in Petroleum Engineering so I decided to do Geology. So, can I achieve a Masters in Petroleum Engineering?

3 Responses to “Can I achieve my Masters in Petroleum Engineering?”

  1. PE2008 Says:

    Generally Engineering graduate schools require an undergraduate degree in Engineering. The few exceptions they allow are usually required to complete a series of bridging courses.

  2. ownpool Says:

    You will need to check the websites of the masters programs which interest you in order to find out their requirements. They will differ among universities.

  3. Arbitrary Person Says:

    Start looking at the requirements of specific Master’s programs. Graduate engineering programs require students to have taken some engineering courses as an undergrad. See if the school offers any bridging courses (engineering courses for students who did not receive an engineering degree).