can i sue someone for lying to the barrow county police department that had me arrested?

I was given permission by a lady who lives on the property that had a commercial dumpster in her back yard( Right at her back door) to collect all of the scrap metal that was in the dumpster to recycle.( i could have). That afternoon when myself and my partner ( carpet installers) stop in to ask we had made one recycle load to the local recycling center and went back to let her know that we would return in the morning to finish up taking all of the recycle that was left in the dumpster .She said not a problem and that she would see us in the morning. when we arrived that morning we knock on her door to let her know that we were there to finish taking up the rest of the recycle. She then said OK and came out to walk around to show me that there was other recyclable items located on the other side of her mobile home that we can take.while we were removing the recyclable metal the owner of the land had us put in jail for theft and criminal trespassing. The lady who gave us permission to get all of the recyclable stuff out of the dumpster didn’t even own the dumpster she was just a renter and should of never given us permission to remove all of the recyclable metal. When confronted by the landlord and the police she denied that she gave us permission. Now it’s been almost a year and we have yet to go to court on this matter and three weeks ago she final said that she did give us permission to go on property but still denies that she told us to get the recyclable metal. For what reason would i be on the property. NONE! Can i sue her for anything?

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  1. hollifieldrobert Says:

    yes but you cant get blood out of a turnip