Can I suit landlord for privacy invasion?

My land lord has told my neighbors that I am a drug dealer, and much more about my payment of my rent that also may not be true. I had an agreement with the now dead owner over repairs and hotel costs, that paid the rent until October of last year. She has told the neighbors that I haven’t paid rent in over a year. Is this public information? Or, just slander or invasion of my privacy rights? Can I seek legal action?

3 Responses to “Can I suit landlord for privacy invasion?”

  1. Cartoon Head Says:

    Well, you can’t really sue for slander, that won’t go anywhere, BUT it is very illegal for landlords to harass tenants like that, because it’s usually an attempt to get them to move out, SO, I would suggest you contact your city government’s housing department, or whatever department they have that governs landlord/tenant disputes, and file a claim against the landlord for "harassment," and "intimidation," and "slander," and that should get her to stop, and fast, too!

    Good luck!… ☺

  2. michele Says:

    Unless you can prove actual monetary damages (e.g., the neighbors whom he told were clients of yours who will no longer purchase from you as a result of the information from the landlord), your chances of winning such a suit are virtually nil.

    ~Dr. B.~

  3. mnwomen Says:

    What damage has this done to you? The words may not be true are a sticking point here. What agreement you had with the now dead landlord is irrelevant. It could be slander if you can prove the lies and the damages done. It is not a privacy invasion at all.