Can i use vaseline petroleum jelly cream on new tattoo?

It says its a deep moisture creamy formula and it has no fragrance. My tattoo artist told me to use A&D only the first time i put anything on my tattoo. Is this ok or should i get somethin else?

4 Responses to “Can i use vaseline petroleum jelly cream on new tattoo?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    No Vaseline! It will smother your tattoo & could mess up the ink. Play it safe and do what your artist told you – go get some A&D ointment (usually found in the baby section of the store as it’s most commonly used for diaper rash). You want to make sure your tattoo heals nicely & looks great for as long as possible so follow your artist’s directions.

    Usually after 48 hours you can switch to unscented lotion (again no Vaseline) to keep your tattoo moisturized (it will still peel, but that’s normal). Also, if your new ink is on an exposed part of your body invest in some sunscreen after it heals so you can keep it from fading a bit.

  2. Jess Says:

    Don’t use vaseline! It’s too heavy and does not allow your tattoo to breath. It can also draw the color out. Try using A&D. What I use is a product called Aquaphore. It’s about $5 at Walmart or other drugstores.

  3. jake Says:

    don’t use Vaseline its cause ur tattoo to scab

  4. John Shnizer Says:

    No Vaseline!!! it suffocates the tattoo and can pull the color out.
    I use Rocco’s Old School Tattoo Balm on all of my old and new tattoo’s.
    It works great. Heals my new tattoo’s nicely, keeps them moisturized and protect.
    And still lets air pass through unlike Vaseline. Also makes my old tattoo’s look new
    Here’s their website –