Can landowner increase my lot rent?

I live in a mobile home community. I moved a mobile home here that I am purchasing from an indivudual owner. The owner of the land where i put the home has an onsite manager that did not even make me fill out an application to put the home here.

Just gave her a 0 deposit and moved the home in the next day. It cost nearly ,000 to move and set up the home so it is not cheap to just get up and go!

Rent is 5 for the lot and we are responsible for maintaing the property. Everything is oral, I have nothing in writting and have never spoken to or even met the owner of this land.

They sent this little girl to my door with a letter that stated it was a notice to increase rent by /month. Keep in mind the owner does absolutely ZERO maitnance to the property, does not cut grass, or even trim trees. So the increase is just to make his wallet a little fatter. The letter says everyone must clean their lot and trim all trees by Nov. 1 if trees are not trimmed we will be charged and if we are late the new late fee is .

My problem: the letter was dated SEPT. 8 and the increase it to bein Nov. 1 late fees were to be sent out SEPT. 18 this is so illegal because I just got the letter YESTERDAY oct. 10!

Went and talked to the manager and she was FULL of reasons why they letter was so ass backwards and told me if I don’t pay the extra then he will charge me a late fee. I told her I am going to contact an attorney because this is an illegal raise of rent. She said her printer was out of ink and blah blah, but I am expected to start paying the increase by nov 1 or they will charge me late fee.

The letter was not properly dated and it did not give me a full 30 day notice for the increase. Does anyone know where I can find specific laws or information for this type of situation.

Not sure if it is really tenant landlord because he owns the land not my home and I just want to be prepared before I go back to the managers office. I would love to find some Texas laws I can print off and highlight to show her I am RIGHT and she is WRONG.

Yes I agree, it was foolish to move with no lease. I cannot take it back because we are here now. I am foolish not STUPID. I just feel like the mistake was made on part of the MANAGER because the owner sent the notice out to the managers office more than one month prior to the date it was passed out. She is trying to avoid me having contact with the landowner by saying I will give him your phone number and have HIM call YOU. Or oh he is bi-polar he is probaly in the hospital, i called 5 times yesterday and he didn’t call back.
She is full of her own sh!t and I am not taking it.

I just want people to understand the reason I am standing up to this manager is because she is trying to cover up her poor management of the property and I want to be treated with respect and common curtesy. Which in the laws eyes should be 30 days notice to increase the rent. If it be or 0 if they gave me proper notice I would have no leg to stand on. period.

5 Responses to “Can landowner increase my lot rent?”

  1. Janet P Says:

    The increase is not enforcable until 12/1, you get 30 days notice.

    Other then that there is nothing wrong.

    You are a tenant, you are renting land.

  2. Dilbert Says:

    The first thing you should find out is whether all the other mobile homes there pay the same rent, and all got the same increase. And find out how often it has been increased. If it happens once every few years, you probably just have to accept it. If it happens more often, you might want to talk to the local housing authority to see if there is anything you can do about it. An increase from 200 to 225 is 12.5%, which is out of line for an annual increase, so you might be able to sue them for fraud or something, on the grounds that they failed to inform you of the exorbitant increase before you committed to the expense of moving there.

  3. reenzz Says:

    I would tread very lightly. While the notice is not a legal 30 day notice of increase…you don’t have a lease and thus basically at the mercy of the landlord. Not having a lease gives you zero protection from being given a 30 day notice to vacate his land….costing you much more to re-locate your home…again.

    Think wisely before you act and try to negotiate a lease with your landlord.

    It was very foolish of you to spend so much on moving to a place without a lease in place.

  4. kemperk Says:

    i am betting that in your state, the LL can’t order you to do
    outside maintenance; A LL can put anything in a lease but
    that does not make it legal.

    IT makes no dif what the LL or office said about why they did not
    give the notice out earlier; it is good 30 days from when you get it.
    HER explanations have no legal meaning.

    YOUR rent goes up Nov 10, pure and simple. Let them add
    all the late fees they want. IGNORE them. IF they sue you,
    show the judge in court your proof of not receipt of notice.

    available to guide further

    [i also suggest seeking a place where you can own the land]

  5. acermill Says:

    The landlord’s notice is late, and you can make a successful argument that rent should not increase until December 1, due to the date of the letter. Beyond that, you have no leg upon which to stand. So you’re going to hire an attorney for $25, and then risk irritating the landlord for future relationships ? Stop to think what you are considering here. Without a lease, the landlord can send you ANOTHER rent increase with a simple thirty day notice. And there’s nothing you can do about it. This is what you risk when you naively put down $100 and get NOTHING in writing.