Can liberals finally see that the President does not control gas prices?

I own five gas stations and have to hear the public complain about gas prices every day. When gas prices jumped the first time, I had to hear an endless supply of customers come in and blame Bush. According to them, It was some big plot he had unleashed on us on purpose. It made me crazy. Now here we are in a similar (possibly worse) situation and I have yet to hear one of these people mention the current administration. They suddenly seem to understand that the President does not have any real control over gas markets. I guess we should call this a "teachable moment."

For anyone who still has not figured this out: The President can’t control gas prices no matter what political party he is affiliated with. Until we, as Americans, can settle on some other form of energy (I prefer natural gas) to fuel our economy, this cycle will become more frequent and more severe.

5 Responses to “Can liberals finally see that the President does not control gas prices?”

  1. redronin1 Says:

    I don’t know about "liberals" but us on the left have been arguing for years that it is the major oil companies and producers that control gas prices.

    Up to the 1970s it was the "Seven Sisters":

    Since then cartels of oil producers like OPEC have effectively controlled both supply and price on the world market. And if you think that gasoline is expensive in the States check out the price in the UK:

    Keep in mind the Exchange Rate and the fact that a US gallon is larger. Compared to this you people in the States are still getting a pretty good deal even if it does not seem like it from your perspective.

  2. CROM- Says:

    I prefer geo-thermal technology, like they have in Iceland.

  3. Kendra Hoder Says:

    Gas prices are influenced by tax, currency exchange, and other economic factors. The portion that the president would have the highest control over would be the tax.

  4. Big Mang Chang Says:

    Crom speaks truth

  5. gammonnicholas Says:

    No because Liberals can never except they were wrong.