Can My landlord do that?

Can my land owner make me pay the water bill, even though for 7years He has.My rental agreement also states that he will. Having Trouble with him ever since his divorce. I also maintain the premises for him, Without Receiving a deduction off of my rent like he has done in the past.also says he will but don’t.Pushes house maintenance on me as well. Does any buddy have knowledge about house renters rights in San Diego Ca.??? Thanks

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  1. kemperk Says:

    he is violating so many laws and found, no offense, a CHUMP; you.

    do not pay his water bill. LET it get turned off and let him scramble.

    I am betting he is on drugs or is into gambling.

    stop doing his repairs……..and sue him for the cost of the repairs.
    get witnesses that prove he has not paid you

  2. user89 Says:

    speak to a lawyer

  3. ignant_slob Says:

    If your rental agreement states that he is to pay the water, then he has to. The rental agreement is a legal document and it is illegal for him to go against it.

  4. Anon Says:

    Im not a lawyer or anything but if there is a signed contract with agreed upon terms, seems like your landlord would have to abide by that until your lease is up or something. Then your landlord could change the terms at that point I would think.

  5. Wolfmoon Says:

    If you are under a lease and the lease says he will pay it then no. If you don’t have a current lease then yes.

  6. reenzz Says:

    If your currently in a periodic lease, then no…he can not have you pay the water bill.

    If your a month to month tenant with no lease or a lease that has expired, then yes…he can have you pay the bill with 30 days notice.

  7. ZCT Says:

    Time to move out.

    First off, I have no idea why anyone would rent for seven years. If your rent is $1,000 per month, do you realize that you have given your landlord $84,000?

    Then you have also lost the considerable tax deduction on mortgage interest, that has probably cost you a few thousand dollars more.

    Now add to that the fact that you are now paying his bills for him, despite it being in the lease that you don’t have to. And you’ve also paid out money to repair and maintain his property for him. What are you thinking? That’s like all the negatives of home ownership, without any of the benefits!

    So buy a home and move out. Or if you cannot do that, rent somewhere else from a landlord who is not crazy. Don’t worry about breaking the lease either. He is in breach of contract by demanding you pay these bills, so he doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

  8. infinite crisis 247 Says:

    you are only responsible to do what the lease says that you are. check this over. if you are going above and beyond said lease, cease doing this if you had been getting an "off books" rent deduction. he’s obviously strapped for cash. this should be a red flag to you. i would start informally starting to look for somewhere else to live once your lease is up. i wouldn’t be surprised if he is heading towards foreclosure.