Can one be allergic to petroleum jelly?

Hi all, I’ve had troubled lips for a while, I used to pick at them, and when I stopped I decided to use balms like Blistex and Carmex to keep them moist so they don’t look as bad while they’re healing.

6 months later my lips are not "healed" and they still scab up every few days. But thats not the big problem, because I think that can be fixed by fixing my next problem: my lips are swollen. Ever since I stopped picking at them (and started using balms) both the upper and lower lip are swollen.

Could I be allergic to petroleum? or is it other ingredients?

5 Responses to “Can one be allergic to petroleum jelly?”

  1. aplatero1984 Says:

    Yeah my mom is a registered nurse and she has a patient that is actually allergic to vaseline(petroleum jelly) and tomatoes, so I guess the answer is yes.

  2. T Says:

    u can be allergic to anything

  3. NAN Says:

    Yes, if I put vaseline on my hands for dryness they get little water blisters and itch.

  4. LAURA H Says:


  5. iDea Says:

    anyone can get allergic to anything. my fren allergic to chicken. and i allergic to any lipstick or lipbalm and cosmetics.