can petroleum jelly help make eyelashes longer and thicker?

i’ve been hearing that Vaseline petroleum jelly is good to lengthen and thicken your lashes. my lashes are really thin and could use some length. so what i want to know is it safe and how much days will it take for it to grow. thanks so much!

2 Responses to “can petroleum jelly help make eyelashes longer and thicker?”

  1. Dodilicious Says:

    maybe thicker but longer ? i don’t think so .. u can use some empty mascara tube and get some olive oil , vitamin E and coconut oil , and mix them in the tube and use the mascara’s brush to apply this mix to ur lashes everyday , but make sure not to touch ur inner eyes( pupils ) …

    this definitely will help becoz i hv tried it …

    try something called Latisse, too .. =)

  2. olichka319 Says:

    yes they do grow a little thicker and longer, ive experimented with it. u should start seeing results in a week, but warning you, there are not dramatic results, just a bit of improvement. its safe