Can using petroleum jelly as lubricant cause a yeast infection?

I had sex last night and the guy used petroleum jelly as lubricant. I woke up this morning and my vagina is really itchy. I think it may be from the jelly. So if anyone knows if using petroleum jelly can give you a yeast infecton or anything else please tell me.

5 Responses to “Can using petroleum jelly as lubricant cause a yeast infection?”

  1. Laura D Says:

    It will not give you a yeast infection, but it can dry out your vagina and make it itchy. Go take a bath and clean it out very well with warm water.

  2. brittneiroma Says:

    if this is you’re first one, you cant be to sure because yeast and BV have almost the same symptoms.

    so if this is you’re first, go to your doctor

    i would like to say its a yeast infection, but again you cant be to sure. go to the drugstore and buy monistat if the symptoms don’t go’s something else

  3. LAB 99 Says:

    you could also be allergic to the jelly

  4. Ezihara Says:

    I heard oil based lubricants should not be used on vagina.

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