Can you buy buildings/homes without owners permission?

Its popular in movies to see the ‘bad guy’ buy a house right under the owners nose by buying it from a bank or something(i imagine it would be a bank)

Im wondering if this can actually be done.
Do you just buy the land its on and then own the building itself or what?

Also, if you could do this could you buy a bank(or whatever sells property) itself without their consent?

6 Responses to “Can you buy buildings/homes without owners permission?”

  1. Angel Johnston Says:

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  2. womansworld Says:

    the only way you could do that is by ‘buying’ the loan the house owners have on the property from whoever is providing the loan.. and as that is likely to be a bank then there isn’t much chance of that.

    You could ‘buy’ the loan it were, it was from a dodgy individual who was prepared to sell it..

  3. swyves Says:

    People normally buy homes with a mortgage. That means they go to a bank and borrow the money they need to buy the home. The deal is, they pay back the money, with interest, over a period of many years — 25 years is not unusual. During that time they live in the home, they renovate it, they do what they want, and they consider themselves the owner of the home.

    However, if they become unable to make the payments on the loan, then ownership of the house passes to the bank. Now the person living in the home is no longer the owner, and the bank will sell the home to try to make the money necessary to repay the debt. Once the person with the mortgage stops paying, the home is not theirs any more.

    If you want to buy a bank against its will, you can do a hostile takeover by buying shares until you are the majority owner.

  4. the kid Says:

    No, you can’t buy property without the owners permission.

  5. glenn Says:

    You could buy it at a foreclosure sale because of non payment of taxes or mortgage payment. It would be the whole property. But if I own my house free and clear and always pay my taxes and always pay for all work and improvement done on the house- then no one (but the government) can buy my house without my consent. The government can condemn and buy a property so they can put the property to greater use-there is a public discussion about this right now. It would certainly be ok to use the land to build a road or such- but what if the community wants to entice a developer to come in and build a new mall- could the city force the owner to sell? In some cases they have done this.

  6. Because I Said So Says:

    the land and home comprise the property, you can’t buy one without the other. I don’t know what kind of movies you watch but that’s fiction friend. if the bank owns the property, they can sell it to whoever they want. it means the previous owner defaulted on the mortgage and wrecked their credit.