Can you debate my opinion as to the fate of the human race?

What’s your opinion as to these points?

Unfortunately, the human race is predisposed to failure. Here are just three of the reasons why.

1) The human race is predisposed to procrastination which means that we will never try to fix something until it’s "in our face". Even then, it has to be "absolutely" proven that it is recognizably affecting our "quality of life" before we will act. For example, take the environmental situation. We still have people (generally for economic reasons) fighting the preponderance of scientific data that indicates we better do something to fix the environment. They seem to think that if they are justified in doing nothing as long as they can find "any little piece of data" which "may" indicate that global warming isn’t occurring. Let me ask you this; is it better to act and later discover that the situation was not as "dire" as we suspected or to do nothing and later discover that it’s too late to fix???

2) We are naturally territorial (yes, like many other creatures). The problem is that the "sticks & stones" (which were replaced by fire, spears, arrows, gunpowder, etc.) we used to kill the challengers to "our territory" in the beginning have evolved into biological and nuclear weapons with the capability to poison the planet. By the way, how does territory get "claimed" anyway? I mean, at some point in the past nobody "owned" any property but now we all think we have the right to "own" that which was never "BOUGHT". BTW, yes, I "own" land and a house but I still stand by my point that neither the former owner nor I actually ever have had or currently have the rights to buy and sell it.

3) We have worldwide leadership that for the most part is either ignorant or indifferent to the truth (or, in the case of the U.S., BOTH). Without leadership, we will never make any headway and, regrettably, I believe that there are too many governments that are more concerned with either staying ahead of or catching up to, everyone else and are willing to accept the consequences of future problems in order reap the "rewards" of today.

Maybe, if we get lucky, we’ll get a “mini” version of the movie “The day after tomorrow” that will force the world into action. Unfortunately, according to the director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, James Hansen (as well as many other scientists), we have 10 or less yrs to turn it around and I don’t think we will. That’s why my wife and I have decided not to bring another life into a world that has more of a negative outlook now than it ever has. Enjoy life and live for the now because too many governments, and many corporations, are steadfast in their path to destroying the future.

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  1. Sean S Says:

    1) I would disagree with being prone to procrastination as a species. I would say that the ability to achieve critical mass and consensus on any issue is the biggest stumbling block facing the human world today. There are apparently more people alive today than have ever lived. Its difficult to get anyone to agree on anything, and therein lies the problem. Procrastination only applies if everyone agrees.

    2) While it’s true that we have exhibited much territorial behaviour, it is also true that we are among the only species that can force ourselves to behave beyond the bounds of our conditioning and change. This is true esp. when faced with a threat. I believe that your questions posed today are indicative of the growing critical mass questioning the issues, which will in turn result in a change in our education and conditioning system to reflect more appropriate values.
    With respect to property, I believe the real issue is want, or greed. If one animal has something, the other animal naturally wants to have it as well, even seagulls demonstrate this quality. In the natural world, there is significant biological advantage to ‘owning’ land, in that it allows for the spread of your genotype and thus increases your ability to control your food sources, security, etc. we are only acting out our animal natures, yet, we somehow still believe ourselves to be outside of the natural systems, or somehow in dominion over them. It’s not until we actually recognize these animal needs and provide mitigating education and conditioning that we will be able to overcome the ‘ownership’ obstacle.
    To quote The Family Guy: Penniless Hippie says, "You can’t OWN land man" to which the business man replies, "I can, but I’m not a penniless hippie." Who’s right?

    3) ‘In order to lead, a man must be willing to go forward alone’
    – A. Kaplan.
    To be a great leader means to stand apart. The current state of affairs socially does not engender leadership, as leaders are typically the targets of smear campaigns and potshots by their lessers, and backbiters. This is not to suggest that statistically there isn’t enough leadership. It has been said that ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn’ and our fears of impending doom and darkness are being escalated by our personal feelings of powerlessness. As a society, we must allow ourselves to be led, as there are very few with the strength, wisdom, and compassion necessary to be great leaders. It is also true that we must be less dependent upon leaders and empower ourselves to make the right choices and act appropriately in our every day lives. Personally exhibiting the qualities that you would most like to see in a good leader will allow for your qualities to spread.

    Unfortunately there isn’t a ‘leadership school’ where people can attend, and the current state of affairs has led to a significantly inbred lot of nepitistic politicians, who are more than happy to sell out the people that they are elected to lead, to ensure that their own personal agendas are placed in the fore. The Bush family is an excellent example of this social network of nepitism and power grabbing.

    With politics being swayed by the people that can afford the media minutes necessary to sway our opinions, there is an increasing effect of this on our political systems. It’s arguable that democracy is long dead, and we’re just dragging its carcass around because we like the sentiment of democracy. Of the people, for the people. In doing so, have we not become our own worst enemy? Giving lip-service to democracy, yet being unable to have the courage and discipline required to protect it. Cowards, the lot of us.

    It’s people like that that continue to smear leaders, who after all, are only human like the rest of us, and are often unfortunate victims of circumstance or events beyond their capacity. To lead, you must go forward alone, into the unknown. As it’s unknown territory, you’re bound to make mistakes. In our rush to glorify and villify for our thirty second hate we’re perhaps stunting our own ability to grow leadership, and instead are the victims of our own success.

    Where corporations are concerned, you and I are the most powerful people on the planet. I say this because WE can shut down corporations. WE can REFUSE to purchase products manufactured in conditions that violate human rights. WE can choose not to purchase from corporations that endanger our environment or harm our economies. If you’re looking for leadership, perhaps it’s time to begin with you and me.

    For myself, I refuse to allow the Pandora’s Box to become true. Where there is life, there is HOPE. Where there is HOPE there is a chance. It’s an incredible chance that allowed the creation of this big blue marble we call home, it’s an even more incredible chance that the conditions were just right to allow for life on this planet. Call it God, call it chance, it’s all the same unsolvable argument.
    I HOPE for our future… you should too, we need all the HOPE we can get.

  2. ttocsewol Says:

    No, that sounds like too much work. I don’t even feel like trying to read your voluminous question.

  3. ♥lil kim is in the house♥ Says:


  4. martin b Says:

    Doom and gloom. If we are predisposed to failure how come after untold millennia we are still here and stronger then ever?

  5. Dyonysus Says:

    I would disagree, we’re not naturally territorial. We’re naturally concerned with self preservation. We only attack thos in our territory if we think they are a threat to us. Sure, we have nukes but when was the last time We threatened Uruguay?

    It as to do with Social Evolution. In the begining we were only concerned with our own families, and the preservation of our own genes. Over time (for reasons that would be too long to get into on here) that family grew to concern for the clan, then the tribe, city, religion, country and so on. Eventually we will reach a point where we realized that the entire human race is part of our "tribe" and that the survival of the entire human race is depentable in part upon all of us. However, for us to reach that conclusion as a society will most likely take a major enviormental disaster (Ice caps melting type of stuff). It’s going to take a very long time, but it will happen.

    Because our primary drive is self preservation we will not allow ourselves to be destroyed, but we will not stop destroying each other until we see all nations as being needed for our own survival.

    We’re not evil, just inherantly selfish. If we weren’t we never would have survived for as long as we have.

  6. hermione_bjc_06 Says:

    Well, read your novel. Plus I’ve seen Day After Tomorrow. So I know what you’re talking about. As for arguing it…

  7. macarthur1977 Says:

    You’ve made many interesting points and observations, although I agree with most, but not everything.

    1) I don’t see the problem as being procrastination. I believe the problem is greed. In a sense, it is procrastination because when the environment fails to maintain balance, we will pay for it. Nevertheless, the driving force is greed, the bottom line mentality.
    Unfortunately, the environment has become a hot potato political issue. The US declined to sign the Kayato (I think it’s spelled that way) agreement, being the only industrialized nation not to sign the world environmental initiative. Not because of laziness, but because of greed. Big industries would have had to pay lots of money to refit industrial plants.

    2)Yes, I agree. We are naturally territorial. We behave aggressively when see a chance to acquire terrority and goods, and we defend mercilessly our own territory. On the point of owning land, of course, we don’t physically owe it, we own it because the laws that govern us, say we owe it. It’s part of society’s rules and regulations on proper behavior.

    3)Without a doubt, this world has leadership problems. The government tends to think more about today than the future. In the long run such thinking is going to cause chaos. Yet, the human species is tenacious. Our strengths are our flexibility and the willingness to adapt to new situations.

  8. para Says:

    I can understand your statements regarding these issues. However, My suggestion is that you research these subjects throughly. Q.1, Were mega funds received by some environmental groups over a number of years, used toward improving the environment? What progress was made through these funds? People are donating money to these organizations and these same groups continue to complain the loudest. 2. Have heating trends and catastrophic storms occured throughout the history of man? 3. Is Science in agreement, as to whether or not the amount of greenhouse gas emmissions, from human use, has the potential to change the environment. The measurements of these greenhouse gases differs greatly amongst scientist around the world. Remember, we can’t believe every thing that we hear. There are lobbyists? and biased news reports and people wanting to make a quick buck? Appreciate your comments. They were well presented.

  9. jane l Says:

    I agree with everything you are saying except one thing: You and your wife have decided not to have another child because some scientists say we might not be able to turn around the effects of global warming in 10 years? I hope you have more than just one kid, because that is a crappy reason not to give your kid a sibling.
    I mean, people in other countries who can’t afford them, who have them dying on their laps one after the other, they keep having children, dozens of them….they don’t care about more people….and whoever is having the children inherits the earth.
    You know, I think it’s actually unfair that people who live well, can afford to feed children, can support them where children will have an almost guarantee of a good life, aren’t having them! and I hear population control a lot. …it’s just too bad that the societies who CAN sustain successful and good contributing human beings don’t have them.. Don’t be ridiculous, what do you look at your one kid like he’s going to be another problem? or maybe potentially part of the solution? I think you have a pessimistic attitude, especially about your own kid–those in the western world who CAN make a good contribution. and if we are all about population control and taking the world upon our shoulders, then perhaps we should all partake in a mass suicide. The third world countries will say, yeah, you go first and laugh.