Can you eat a spoonful of petroleum jelly daily?

I just read that the dude that invented it ate it daily Im just wondering if its safe and why would he do that.

3 Responses to “Can you eat a spoonful of petroleum jelly daily?”

  1. ╔Kimmeh╗ ♪♫ Says:

    I’d say you could eat it, if you get past the texture and the taste… just like Karol oil (i think thats the name) it would probably give you the runs.

  2. frankie Says:

    err probably not a great idea… he was probably trying to prove it was edible so he could sell it as food and get more money..or something :s

  3. Angela Q Says:

    It’s a petroleum product. It is not good for you, and it may be bad. ∠°)