can you own running water?

I live on a lake and have lake front property . One of my neighbors paid for the rights to the dam controlling the water flow. Can he tell the rest of the land owners what we can and can not do?

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  1. jbarelli Says:

    This is a much bigger question than can be handled on a public question and answer board. You’ll need to talk to an attorney that specializes in real estate law. That doesn’t mean your standard family lawyer, although you might ask him/her for a referral to a real estate lawyer.

    Some information that you should try to get before talking to that attorney.

    Are there covenants, agreements or restrictions on that dam? They should be public records, and you want to get copies.

    Does the dam supply the water for the community? If so, there are almost certainly local ordnances governing it.

    Your question doesn’t tell us what that neighbor is telling you that you can and cannot do. It is possible that he is simply enforcing the laws or covenants regarding the lake. For example, if the lake feeds a local water system, it might be illegal to use power boats in the lake, or certain types of yard chemicals which would pollute the water supply.

    Without knowing the exact circumstances, it is impossible for anyone out here to give you advice other than "get the information, and talk to a lawyer".

  2. karen kremer smith Says:

    Gods law says that we need to look to HIM for help. Think about who created it and you will have your answer. It all belongs to all of us. We need to share everything. Not one person owns anything on this earth. Whomever sold him the rights was wrong in doing so. They had to right to sell anything. SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE!!!